Thursday, August 23, 2007

She made me do it.

I love my sister in law. She is beautiful, smart, and always dragging me into something I didn't know I wanted to do until I did it. For example, Skinny Jeans.
With her enthusiastic encouragement (and maybe a glass of wine), I was sure that Skinny Jeans were just what I needed to enter fall 2006 with confidence. SKINNY, come on, who's idea was it to take my beloved boot cut jeans and transform them into the tightest, skinniest, show every physical flaw to the world pair of jeans I had seen since the 6th grade? But, because she's my sister in law and a little bit persuasive, (did I mention the wine?) I bought them and, in all honesty, loved them.
Well, it's about that time of year again. Kind of back to school shopping for me and the absolute best thing she can come up with is a blog?
"You need a blog!"
"How about metallic accessories? Anything grey?"
"A blog."
Much like the skinny jeans, it's a little intimidating. What if no one reads it? What if I don't have anything good to talk about? Most important, what if no one thinks my blog is funny?
As I was tucking my kiddos in tonight and praying with them and telling them how precious they are to their daddy and I, giving them good night kisses and ooshie gooshying it up, my beautiful 6 year old daughter Olivia asks, "Mommy, if someone got their penis cut off, would it hurt? 'Cause there's no bones in it." (peals of laughter from her 8 year old brother who obviously put her up to it).
Then I know that, even if no one reads it or laughs, I can write about all the crazy things that happen in my life and my most organized friend, Gini, will be happily satisfied that I am, for once, "writing this stuff down". Check. Thanks, Em.


Emily and Moody said...

LOVE IT!!!! Welcome to the blogosphere:) I promise to read and laugh, and it is 100% the wines fault on those skinny jeans, terrible, terrible idea!

JB said...

Ha!!! I love it! And I have to admit...I may have had a little something to do with the sis in law and skinny jeans... :)


P.S.---I am so linking you up to my blog...and miss seeing you at the office

Misty said...

i'm totally adding you Melissa, and reading and laughing along with everyone!! you have no worries about that! :O) dang i wish you had your braces still then you would have to come see us more at the office!

MissHannah said...

I just laughed out loud as I always do at Tee, Oliva, Graham and Sadie stories.

"I saw a poor person once."

S. said...

Would your organized friend Gini by any chance be Gini Florer? Because she lives in Dallas and is super organized!

Carly said...

Oh my gosh... I figured it out. Sweet. Now I can through off my whole week by staying up all night to read... ;)