Thursday, August 23, 2007

You're a long way from the Theta House.

My best friend Kitsie, who is also a mother of four, has a great husband who is always saying to her, "You're a long way from the Theta house, Kitsie."
I think about that quote several times a day when I look around my neighborhood and really think about what I thought my life would look like and what the Lord has given me to call home.
Trey is my incredible husband who has an intense passion for the desperately poor of Dallas. He started Mercy Street Ministries about 4 years ago and believing fully in incarnational ministry, we moved into the community so that we could prayerfully earn a voice and relationships with those to whom we would be reaching out; primarily the grade school children.
Wait. We have to move there?
Ya'll are moving there?
WHERE are ya'll moving?
Seriously, I really think some people thought we were crazy. (I developed a creepy laugh just for those people's benefit. :)
West Dallas is one of the poorest communities in our nation with the average family making combined, less than $18,000 a year. What results is an endless circle of public housing, poverty, fatherlessness, and hopelessness.
I am a stay at home mother to 4 children, Tee (8), Olivia (6), Graham (5), and Sadie (3).
My first trip to the grocery store went a little like this...
standing in line to check out...
"Um, excuse me ma'am, do you live around here?
"Yes, I do."
"I don't mean to be rude ma'am, I've just don't ever see any white people around here."
"Neither do I."
I can't wait to introduce you to all the kids that come into our home and the stories that come out. Some are hilarious, some are heartbreaking, but all of them are pictures of life a long way from the Theta house.


Emily and Moody said...

So, how many do you plan to have anyway?

Shawn and Jami said...

Love your your you sweet "H" family!

Emily and Moody said...

ok, send me a new pic via email:) Only I had on my laptop!!

JB said...

pretty funny stuff you have here!!! :)

MissHannah said...

I'm so glad you are here...Your stories are the greatest.

My blog if you want to check it out is,

JB said...

Not sure if you realize this Melissa,,,but you need to post so we can laugh... ;)

Jana said...

hi, Melissa! ;)

Denise said...

Hello! I stumbled across your blog and look forward to reading more. I was living involved in incarnational ministry in Canada - which sounds similar to yours, just with different dynamics(addicts rather than children). What a heart the Lord has given you - Praise Him!
Again, I look forward to reading more.

Candy said...

I think this is the title of the book! The sub-title is: One Woman's
Journey to Life in the Inner City.
Love you, love your blog, and love that slightly weird husband of yours and all those precious children!!

bette said...

So glad Candy told about this blog. What a hoot! Keep writing, we love it!