Friday, September 28, 2007

Ding Dong...

...the mouse is dead. La La La La La.
I know that sounds a little harsh but really, I can't go on having a mouse living in my house. I can't. Even if it IS cute and small and looks a little like Stuart Little. Even if my kids had fantasies of matchbox beds and little cars for him, it's wrong, wrong, wrong. Mice and people cannot coexist in a home. I think there's actually a law somewhere that says there can only be so many things that poop living under one roof. If there's not, there should be and we would definitely be over that limit.
The live traps (totally useless) said use peanut butter so we did.
You can't say we didn't try.
Max our cat even got a shot at the little guy. One night he caught him, carried him around the house intermittently letting him go, chasing him and catching him again in every room in our house. Trey and are were holding the front and back doors open yelling at Max to carry the mouse outside but instead, he played "cat and mouse" one too many times and got cocky. The mouse scurried away under the dishwasher again and Max was left looking dazed and confused under our disgusted glare.
If they can't catch mice, what in the world are cats good for?
Finally, Trey brought in the big guns. Good old traditional mouse traps that are a little, um, more permanent.
"It's all about the bait, baby."
And it was.
Apparently, 'Tom and Jerry' was wrong. A mouse cannot carefully take the cheese off of the trap and run into it's little mouse hole laughing and enjoy his bounty. For all those mice out there thinking they wanna be like Jerry, let go of the fantasy.
In one fail snap, our mouse problem was solved.
Now, how to tell Quincy?
Maybe the fact that he has a new pet will ease the blow. A new pet you ask? Yes, of course he does.
It's a cat.
He named it Money.
Of course he did.
Trey thought it was for sure someone else's cat because "it has a collar". No Trey, that's a piece of shoelace Quincy stapled together with about 25 staples to make a collar. If you look close, there's no mistaking who's cat it is. It's got the mark of Quincy all over it.
Perhaps I need to get to know this cat, odds are it'll be living here before we know it.


Candy said...

I'm calling the SPCA! This is obvious cruelty. Look at the delight you take in the mouse's demise. Did you all do the "Victory, victory is our cry!" yell???

Melissa said...

Em, do you want to answer that question?