Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A little peace and quiet

I got a little time to myself yesterday and it was sweet as pie. I got a nasty flat tire on a sketchy road near my house. Ok, really, any road near my house technically qualifies as sketchy but this one is an extra special kind of sketchy. I had all my kiddos in the car so my darling husband drives over to give me a hand.
"Hey, baby, let me change that tire for you."
"No, it's ok, I've already called roadside assistance and they're on their way."
"Well, this is probably not the safest place to be so why don't you take the kids home in my car and I'll wait for the guy to come." This is huge because I know it might kill his manly pride to be sitting there when another dude came to change his tire.
"Um, no, um, you know what? You go ahead and take the kids home and I'll lock the doors and wait for him."
So he did, and I did. Total silence. Total silence sitting on a road with 5 stray dogs, one homeless guy, an old mattress, and not one person stopping to help. I think that was a good thing, actually. I may have seen one drug deal.
It was my little oasis of peace and quiet; locked in my car with a flat and a cold diet coke. Ahhh.


MissHannah said...

Sounds like heaven. Maybe I'll have to get a flat on that road sometime soon...Like during Vision Life...just kidding Trey.

emily said...

Do they take reservations at that swanky spa on Canada drive?

Melissa said...

You just come on by, I'll hook you up.