Monday, September 10, 2007


Eight years ago today I lost my mom to cancer. She was so beautiful inside and out and just an all around great mom. The Lord called her home before she had a chance to know her grandchildren. They ask a lot of questions about her but my descriptions rarely do her justice.
I do know she would have delighted in their funny little personality quirks and loved how they are each so wonderfully made.
Would she have helped me to see through the craziness with a perspective that knew you don't get any do overs? Would she have reminded me to have patience, they're so little? Would she encourage me to treat every day as the precious gift that it is? I like to think she would have.
I miss you mama. You are still so dearly loved.
Thank you Lord that your love is better than life...and she knows it.


Candy said...

I have this anniversary on my calendar and should have called to tell you that I was thinking of you and praying for you (I was!). And yes, she was a beautiful person. She would be so very proud of the wife and mother you've become. It was a real privilege to share with her the birth of your firstborn, Tee. What a gift! Your eulogy at her funeral remains etched in my heart.
I love you like my own!

emily said...

She was beautiful and raised you well. I usually cry from laughter reading your posts but these are tears of sweet rememberance of the mom you loved so dearly! She is indeed proud of you and the woman, wife and mother that you have become!

Trey said...

You are a great mom too and an even better wife. I am lucky (I know there is no such thing as luck) to have you.

Annette said...

I lost my grandmother on the same day 4 years ago. Your words were lovely and I know both of these wonderful women are rejoicing in heaven that their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are being taught to love our good God.

Blessings to you,
Annette Norred

Steven said...

I know your mother is smiling at your musings. I don't know how but she has high speed internet in Heaven.
You are so much like her with your smile and positive outlook on life. Life is FUN!
She would have loved and cuddled the grandkids like she did Tee.
I am glad we could spend Sept. 10th together. We all miss her so.