Saturday, September 8, 2007


Tee, my Ebay-er (see post below), had his first flag football game of the season and scored a TOUCHDOWN!!! He was running around making all kinds of plays! We're very proud of him!
My dad is coming to visit tomorrow afternoon. Time to flip the couch cushions over to the clean side.
The mouse is still at large.


emily said...

WhooHoo Tee!! We are so proud of you. Hill and Wick think all of those games of flag football in the front yard must have been good practice!! Way to go buddy:)

Candy said...

Nanny and Bunty sure wish we'd seen the TD!! Congratulations. Bunty says you're becoming a student of the game and that you were a great companion at the SMU/North Texas tilt. Go Ponies!! You saw a rare occurrence, Tee-- a big Mustang victory! Treasure it. We treasure you.