Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Brighter Day

We woke up to rain this morning but that wasn't stopping us one bit. We had a day and a half planned and were out the door bright and early!
Graham, my 5 year old, had his first soccer game and yeehaw can that boy play! He scored three goals and was so daggum excited!!!
I love it when you're looking at him square in the eye when he does it, you're jumping up and down yelling "way to go Graham!!" and popping a champagne cork across the field, pouring glasses for all the parents, handing out cigars and he still fells obligated to yell; "mom! Mom! MOM!! I scored a goal! Did you see me mom? MOM!"
"I know son! I saw you!!"
V.I.C.T.O.R.Y...that's about all I know because, as my friends often remind me, I was not a cheerleader.
Next, we were off to the Lion King. A precious pledge brother of Trey's gave us six tickets so we could all go see it! It was so generous and we loved every minute of it. I'm sure we looked funny having these great, expensive seats and I was still pulling snacks out of my purse.
The expressions on my kids faces while they were watching it were as wonderful as the show. Total eye candy!
We finished the day with a little stop at our favorite Asian Restaurant. It's a little hole in the wall with a great chef and yummy food. Tee is a huge fan of the gourmet dish of rice and soy sauce.
No drama today. It was sweet and smooth sailing...I'm gonna leave it on a high note and head off to bed.


MissHannah said...

Graham is the WDU superstar!!! I wish he was on my team. I'm glad you all had such a lovely day. And it sounds like it was just Hills, that is rare.

emily said...

So proud of Grahammy!!! Way to go:)