Monday, October 29, 2007


My kids and I made these tonight while Trey was at the Stars game. They look great, right?
Well, my kid's didn't think so. Each child took half a bite and left the remains on the table.
My dog, Scout, ate five of them.
And a stick of butter.
Who should I be more worried about, the dog who LOVED them so much she might die, or my kid's who didn't?


Ellen said...

YUM! Did you like them? I made dark chocolate cakes w/ a chocolate ganache center last year for my mom's b-day. They were so rich, the only way we could eat them was with vanilla ice cream. :)

Candy said...

Had I been there, we'd have had no worry about Scout. She wouldn't have had any to eat!!

emily said...

ahhh, images of my hand being forked are coming to mind!! They look delicious.

jay n tricia said...

hi melissa!! found your blog while reading Shaira's. what fun...i love your site!! we are over at - come by and visit!! ~Tricia

MissHannah said...

would you please make those for me...i will eat them all.