Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A cool drink of water.

I've got some seriously beautiful friends. In ways that have escaped me, they manage to look amazingly gorgeous in carpool at 7:55, after they've gone for a run, even when they're really frustrated with their children who also have discovered the Sharpie marker. Not only are they beautiful, they're funny, creative and encourage me to walk more intentionally and humbly with Christ.

We get together all the time but our conversations are usually interrupted by small children who are either hungry, fighting, or need a diaper change. There are times though, when we all feel at the end of our ropes and we grab a few hours away from the chaos to check-in and encourage one another.

Last night was one of those times and I desperately needed my friends. I just needed to hear, "I'm right there with you." alongside the words of the Father that say "you will mount on wings like eagle's, you will walk and not grow weary, you will run and not grow faint." They are like a cool drink of water. Refreshing even to the soul.

Thank you Lord for these precious gifts. Thank you for hand picking them for me. You gave me exactly what I needed before I even knew to ask.


emily said...

funny, I don't remember taking that picture:)

What the heck is tip a 40 to my homies????

Melissa said...

Here, let me translate...drink a 40 oz. can of beer in honor of the people I love.

emily said...

Oh, now I get it! I'm a little slow, be patient with me.