Monday, October 15, 2007

Deductive Reasoning

I love the conversations I get to overhear from the front seat of my car.
Today, Graham was having a chat with his little buddy Luke.
"I saw a fwee legged dog once. It gotted runned over by a car."
"Our cat got runned over by a car."
"Does it have fwee legs?"

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Abbie said...

OH my goodness! Just had to tell ya, I did a little search from my profile page for other people that LOVE Diet Coke (I'm a major dork, I know.) and I found yours and have just been giggling for the last half hour or so reading all your blogs. My husband keeps giving me these looks like 'has she gone completely insane??' hahaha
What an adventure life is, right?? You guys are so blessed and even though you think no one could possibly be reading your blog, there may just be that one 'crazy diet coke lover' whose life you are blessing by your daily gabs! Plus, I have an Olivia too! How fun!