Thursday, October 18, 2007


Trey and I spent a good part of our morning at a doctor's office with Graham. The little buddy has been having some issues that we've narrowed down to either OCD or OCD with maybe a side of OCD. Lots of repetition, counting, anxiety, etc. on his part led us into some uncharted waters.

Thankfully, we are talking to someone really great who knows much more than we do and will be helping us navigate.

He will undergo Neurofeedback which helps exercise the weaker performing parts of Graham's brain. It is non-invasive and done without medication. Please pray with us that this treatment will work for the little man.

...because we had a long day, after dinner, we came into our very small office and learned to do the Soulja Boy dance from the instructional video on You Tube.
Graham may be the only one of us with rhythm.

Just as I was finishing this post, we received a call from a coworker of Trey's. She was taking a little 4th grader in our neighborhood to the county hospital now because she was possibly raped. I am so heartsick for this child and what lies ahead of her.

They will wait for hours just to see a physician they've never laid eyes on. They'll then begin the journey with police, CPS, and the prosecutors office which they would typically travel without the resources we take for granted.

I am struck by the contrast of our own smaller issue today and how we were able to call the right people, get in quickly without wait, have everything covered by insurance and know how to contact the physician at home if we had further questions. Our copay was put on a credit card and we drove through McDonald's on the way home.

I cannot even pretend to know what they're going through and am ashamed because of it.


emily said...

Wow. I'm so thankful for Grahammy and pray that this will work. Please tell them to leave the dance part of the brain alone, that way he can represent at family functions:)

So sad for the other, just so sad. Hard to comprehend.

The Kelly Family said...

Hi! We have never met before, but I had a friend send me a link to your blog and I think we have a few things in common! My husband and I are in our 2nd year of starting an urban ministry in Montgomery, AL and at the end of the month will be moving into our newly renovated home in the hood. We have 3 boys: 5, 3 and 12 weeks. I am so encouraged by your blog and know I can learn so much from your experiences. My heart goes out to your family and all the people in your community - especially the little girl you wrote about.
Delta Kelly

Candy said...

Oh my! We will pray that this little one know the presence of the Savior and the One who redeems from the evil and depravity of the Fall.
And we pray for little Grahamster as he works with the Dr. to whom God so providentially led you.

TKO said...

I will be praying for your Graham, and for peace and healing for that little girl.