Monday, October 22, 2007

Product Endorsement

It's here! The very first day of Fall! Real Fall, not the official first day of Fall where it's really 98 degrees in the shade. It was chilly and rainy and the perfect hunker down all day at home kind of weather.

I was pretty excited.

Then, like a soggy bowl of cereal, my mind started to fill with thoughts of "what in the world are we going to do ALL DAY?" We have 1/2 days on Mondays so that would leave me with three of my crazies most of the day without the possibility of going outside, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline or running obstacle courses.

OK, obstacle courses are things I make up for my kids to do when they're full of energy bored, and are starting to hurt each other. Here's an example...
"Run up the stairs, do 10 jumping jacks, down the stairs, outside, 100 jumps on the trampoline, hop the perimeter of the backyard, skip around the cul de sac, sing Jesus Loves Me, run backwards inside and touch my hand."

Meanwhile, I can have a diet coke, read a chapter in my bible, blog, and take a cat nap as long as I fall asleep with my hand out. It's a beautiful thing.

By the look of those rainclouds, there would be no obstacle courses today. Little beads of sweat started to form on my upper lip. Where's Julie, the cruise director, when I need her?!?!!?!

Sweet laughter.
Quiet talking.
More laughter.

OH MY! WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!? They for sure have a sharpie and scissors and are redecorating my bedroom!

Last night, we went to Target and everybody got a costume. They were 30% off and the Cowboys had won so "COSTUMES FOR EVERYONE!"

Sadie is Stephanie from Lazytown with pink hair.
Olivia is a bride.
Graham is a Power Ranger.
Tee is a Clone Trooper.
I'm not saying they're original costumes but what they are is instant fun and activity for rainy days!

My kids were busy all day playing in their costumes. Making up bands with all the different characters, singing karaoke to High School Musical. Playing that the bride was being held hostage by the Power Ranger and the only one who could save her was Stephanie with pink hair.

Hours and hours of joyful play was had by all thanks to brand new costumes from Target.

I was able to get an obscene amount of laundry done, catch up on all my housework and only had to be the judge of the American Idol talent contest once, and pretend I was a baby kitty who'd been left on the side of the road to be rescued twice.

Thanks Target. Now if you'd only put a camera on sale so I could document these precious memories. Mine was our neighbor. Maybe I'll send the power ranger and Stephanie with pink hair over there to take care of business.


MissHannah said...

This might be favorite post yet. I love your obstacle courses and have stolen the idea.

The Kelly Family said...

we spent the afternoon making forts with umbrellas... and I DEFINATELY need to steal the obstacle course idea! we buy costumes the week AFTER halloween... So by this time, they are filthy, but you have to love the Superman cape, Batman mask and rain golashes all mixed up at once. I wonder what will be the first thing stolen from our house AFTER we move in????