Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Products of the Environment?

Parenting is crazy hard as it is but as my children grow, it's easy to hyper-examine their actions and try see if they are just the results of sin and more sin or if the environment is effecting them in negative ways. Granted, we are reminding them daily, almost hourly of where their identity lies. Mostly I'm doing this before or after disciplining them for being sassy, or willfully disobedient, or writing with Sharpie on the couch.
(Total aside, what did I do to the person who invented the Sharpie? Let me just say right now, I am truly sorry for whatever I have done to so deeply offend you. It must have been really bad to make you invent an uber-permanent marker with a cute name that my children would adore. I'm sorry. Really sorry.)
Anyway, I have begun to see some things that I might be more than tempted to attribute to the culture that surrounds us. Oh, yeah, and once again, they're sinners but that wouldn't make nearly as fun of a post.

My son Tee greeted me with today with, "'Sup".(working the body language as he said it)
"What, skinny white boy, did you say? What's 'Sup'?"
"You know Mom, 'sup."
"Go clean your room."

Olivia told me that she was glad to be able to help poor people and she wanted to give her allowance to the poor every week.
I thought I heard the angels sing.
"Mom, then can I be on T.V.?"
"For what, sweetie?"
"You know, for helping the poor people. I really want to be on T.V."

Earlier, we were at my friend Carey's house playing. A good thirty minutes after getting into the car to come home, I noticed Graham's basketball shorts were all bulgy.
"Graham, what do you have in your pants?"
He then went on to pull out a teddy bear, a bracelet, and a wallet.
Sorry Carey.

Sadie put her pj bottoms on her head tonight to look like long hair and then said "Mom, do I look hot?" She's three. I have often said she will be the child I would have never let my firstborn play with.

We've had lots of redirecting today as we teach and train our children to live in the world but not be of it. It is my own greatest struggle and I'm ashamed to say they witness less wrestling on my part than they should.

This morning when I came in from my walk, Max the cat was on the front porch but close by was a very angry looking female kitty that looked like she might be pregnant.
The look in her eyes was...
"Mmmm. You must not know 'bout me! Ooh no. I know where you stay and you're NOT gonna leave me to raise these kitties all by myself. No, sir."

The effects of the Fall are great indeed.


MissHannah said...
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MissHannah said...

I use to put a fitted sheet on my head, pretending it was long hair.

You and Trey do an amazing job of redirecting and lovingly correcting your kiddos.

emily said...

I simply can't relate to anything that you write about--must be the black sheep of the cousin crew??hmmmm......you do a great job with those precious kids!

Ellen said...

Funny! You're a great writer.

Chris said...

the cat on the porch story just made my day

Candy said...

Keep em coming. I'm addicted to reading your life as I watch you live it. You're the BEST!!

Jen said...

Hey Melissa-I met you at the Garippa's house and found you through Hannah's blog. I appreciate your honestly and laugh many times when I read your blog. :) Keep it up...