Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Sadie came in to the office a minute ago.
"Whatcha doin' Sadie?"
Lifting up her skirt to show no big girl's, "Jutht hangin' out with my nudeneth cauth my nudeneth. ith. beautiful."
Hmmmm. How do I turn this one into a positive?
At least she's confident?


MissHannah said...

LOVING it!!!!

The Kelly Family said...

oh i wish i had a girl sometimes! thank you for all your encouragment - i love reading your blog and thanks for reading mine!! I would love to email you some questions about your early days in the hood, but don't know how to do that thru blogger. oh, and I love the deleted post blog - so funny

JB said...

hahahahaha!!! That is too stinkin cute! :)

emily said...

How cute is she?