Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just one more reason...

Quincy called us late last night asking if he could come to church with us.
Now, he's been with us before but usually we've done the inviting and he's had to check his schedule to make sure he didn't have a better offer of say, looking for frogs or riding his bike around the neighborhood.
Needless to say, we were delighted and a little surprised. Perhaps he was hearing the still small voice of his Redeemer calling him to come spend time in His sanctuary. Maybe he was feeling the conviction that comes only from the Holy Spirit to gather together with the body of Christ and worship the living God.
Or, maybe, he was wanting to show off his new church shoes.
They are sweet.
Either way, we rejoice in the Lord's promise that his word does not go forth and return void. We continue to pray that His love will penetrate the heart of this precious child; with or without the fancy shoes.

Ok, for those who know me and know how much I love all things fashion, I hope you appreciate the INCREDIBLE restraint I used writing this post.


emily said...

I was on to you before I read the part in italics!!!

JB said...


Process Mapping Blog said...

I am glad you found my shoes! When the ankle returns to normal size I will have U send them. I could wear them next week in Albuquerque.