Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Deleted Post

I wrote a post this afternoon and have deleted it already. If the two of you who read this blog haven't already noticed, I tend to be a wee bit on the sarcastic side. I had given a little Southern Living critique on the Christmas decorations going up in the hood.

It was funny. Well, it was funny to me at the expense of some neighbors that I know don't read my blog. It didn't matter, it was snotty and ugly. Funny, but snotty. Sometimes, I forget that this is a hood of a different sort. It's not one that I'm just driving through on my way back to Comfort, USA.

It's rough around the edges and in between. The kids are facing trials and troubles that I can't imagine as I try to figure out how to encourage mine to love, engage, and befriend without seeing and hearing too much. Their parents are surviving, usually separately, and facing the daunting challenge of making Christmas "happen" when the resources are so limited.

This isn't just any old neighborhood that I can attack with my sarcastic wit for my own pleasure at their expense. It's our home. It's where the Lord has chosen to plant us and to hopefully use us to build up this community, not tear it down.

Our goal, as believers, is to shine the light of Christ so brightly as to illuminate even the darkest recesses. Thankfully, we'll have a LOT of help this year from some of the Christmas lights. Sorry, I can't stop myself. Low hanging fruit.

Please pray for all of our kids and their families in West Dallas to see the Great Hope of the Incarnation this Christmas season.


Bill said...

OK. I know I shouldn't prove a stumbling block when you have obviously been convicted....however, if you still have the previous blog, I'd like to read it and then tear it up!!

MissHannah said...

Me too...I want to read it too. Can you email it to me? And of course I will read it and commend you on your conviction.

I drove up to Rissah's house yesterday and it is fully decorated. They don't have money for food or utility bills...but by golly they are shining like the North Star.

emily said...

Newman! The one time that I don't check your blog! I'm in for the reading it and throwing it in the fire--

Melissa said...

Ya'll are sick, sick, sick. Twisted and sick.

Ellen said...

OK, you've got me curious. Sure you won't put up the deleted post?!

Tricia said...

Awww, Jay got to read it, but I missed it. Darn. Guess I join the ranks of the twisted and sick, huh?