Thursday, November 22, 2007


I mentioned earlier that it was freezing this morning. Yesterday it was 75 until noon and then this crazy cold front blew in. After lunch today, it started to snow and it was the most beautiful snow I have ever seen. It was like a blizzard of HUGE snowflakes and all the cousins were running around playing in this amazing wonderland. In just twenty four short hours, we have seen the matchless creativity of our Lord in a simple snowfall.
I'm so thankful that we can look at creation and see His brush strokes.
Thank you Lord, that you give us glimpses of your character in a snowfall. Thank you that you delight in creating and reveal yourself to us again and again in the simplest of ways.


gini said...

My dad called this afternoon saying something about snow...I am pretty sure all 4 of us slept through it...but, oh the comfort of being at home for Thanksgiving! Hope your broccoli rice passed inspection :)

MissHannah said...

I wish I could have tasted the broccoli rice...I bet it was delicious.

I LOVE the new picture of the cute, is that the Christmas card?

Jana said...

looked at your profile and want you to know that I love "Theirs is the kingdom." I read it when I was just out of college.

MissHannah said...

I love that book too...Jana gave it to me when I first starting working over here in the hood.