Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Turkey

It's been a crazy week with school wrapping up for the break and all of the festivities that come along with Thanksgiving.
My daughter Olivia came home with a craft project they had done in her first grade class.
It looked like this.

On each of the feathers, it says "I'm Thankful for..." and she was supposed to fill in the blanks. Here's what she put.
1. My Friends.
Very nice. We love her friends and are blessed to have them.
2. Max.
The cat. Great Olivia. We all love Max, the way he sleeps all day, eats, and then goes out and fights with other cats all night. He comes home every morning with a new battle scar. His contribution to our family is great indeeed.
3. My Puppy.
By this, I assume she means our dog, Scout. Again, very thankful for our dog. The way she eats any little bit of food you step away from for a nanosecond. She also chews our shoes and her Webkinz and, is not a big, beautiful labrador retriever like my husband wishes she was.
4. Mrs. Newsome.
Now, this is sweet. Mrs. Newsome was her kindergarten teacher and we are very thankful for the influence she had on our baby girl. I couldn't help but think of her current teacher's reaction when she saw that Mrs. Newsome had made the turkey feather cut but she hadn't. Olivia adores her first grade teacher, Mrs. Hidalgo, but apparently there was only enough room on the turkey for one teacher. Olivia, sweet, Olivia. Are you biting the hand that gives you the good grades and the hugs this year? Ouch.
Well, as it turns out, Mrs. Hidalgo was in some pretty good company when it came to the affairs of my daughter's heart. Neither her father or I made the last feather. Nor did her brothers, sister, grandparents, or even Jesus. Not Mercy Street, good health, peace, the right to assemble, or freedom of speech.
What could she possibly hold so close to her heart as to win the prize of the last feather?
What you ask?
5. Cheerleading.
Now there's some stiff competition.
What I love about this is that Olivia hasn't yet learned to say all the right things to make herself look good, and pious, and spiritually "together" in the eyes of others, all the while her heart is divided. There is a sweet innocence and honesty that I've lost somewhere along the way.
As we continue to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, thank you, Lord, that you work in us to will and to act according to Your good purposes.


Shawn and Jami said...

i love that little "firecracker"!

emily said...

ok, remind me one more time-- were you a cheerleader? :)

Love that O!!