Monday, December 17, 2007


Yesterday was my birthday. It was fun fun fun because we hosted the Mercy Street Staff Christmas party at our house topped off with the most fun white elephant gift exchange EVER.

Trey and I gave our precious peach tree. There was history there and it was hard to part with but the time had come to spread the love.

When we moved into the neighborhood, the precious family that lives across the street were trying to get rid of a five foot artificial peach tree with fuzzy plastic peaches that looked "just ripe for the pickin'". They caught Trey outside and before he could say "I'm allergic to fake peaches", it was ours. One man's trash became another man's housewarming gift. We displayed it upstairs in our bedroom (can I hear it for the romance?) for several years before it was moved to Trey's office. He used it as a visual aid during his fruit of the Spirit lesson. "A bad artificial tree cannot bear anything that even looks remotely close to the real thing."

We were giddy because it could have been the very best white elephant gift ever. It could have been until someone who will remain nameless brought the Jesus action figure complete with little fishes and loaves.

It was terrible and violated the 2nd Commandment unlike anything I had ever seen. But look at the delight in these faces. Who could compete with that?

Certainly not our precious peach tree.

Trey and I won this. It lights up. SCORE!

And for my birthday, I got my favorite thing; homemade cards from my kids.

Olivia's gave me pause.

Front: "Mom, why do you always drink"

Wha? What? Omygosh! WHAT DOES IT SAY? Is that CPS I hear knocking on my door?

Mom, why are beads of sweat gathering on your forehead?

Inside: Picture of Diet Coke "Well then have diet coke cake! I heart you MOM"


It was such a fun way to celebrate! The peeps at Mercy Street are absolutely the best of the best. We count it all joy to serve this community alongside each of them and are beyond blessed to call them friends.

And my kids rock!


S. said...

Very cute card! haha!

Yes, the articial peach tree would be a hard white elephant gift to top!

emily said...

Too funny! Who got the peach tree? Were they delighted to be taking it home?

I love the Rudolph pic-- hope you had a great birthday!

MissHannah said...

It was a are gracious hostess. It is always fun to be at your house.

Hey who brought Jesus anyway?

Misty said...

lol!!! funny Olivia!! that WAS close ha! happy late birthday! another December birthday buddy---mine's day after Christmas! :O)

Susan said...

Your stories always make my day!!!!!
Happy, Happy Birthday!
Have a wonderful Christmas since I won't be seeing you at the aborted for the 3rd year in a row Alexander Christmas Extravaganza!! Love you Em!!
Merry Christmas to your precious family!

Bill said...

OK! We definitely need to make the staff party next year. Would love to know where one purchases a "Jesus Action Figure". What will they think of next?
Look forward to the neighborhood party this afternoon. You are the BEST!!
P.S. Great pic of you and your dad.

fully operational battle station said...

These are so incredibly hilarious. Mom, why do you always drink? I wish I had that for my refrigerator.

Oh boy, that was a good laugh. Thanks friend! And Merry Christmas AND happy belated Birthday! Mine is on the 1st, we should have a birthday party together when you and Emily come to visit me in Boise!