Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've played this game before...

Chuck E Cheese's is usually not my favorite.

That's how my husband would try to tactfully describe something he really dislikes, even hates, without actually using either of those words. He'll say this when I wear certain outfits with frilly tops or I perfumes that make him sneeze a lot and make his eyes water. He said this recently after I had put on new perfume and then we were stuck in the car in horrible traffic and he was literally hanging his hid out of the window trying to get some fresh air.

Kids were passing us pointing.

When he says it's "not my favorite", he's really not a fan.

He also says this about Texas A&M football, my alma mater, but I digress.


Chuck E. Cheese.

Being a mother of four, we have attended a couple of birthday parties at casa de Chuck E.

It's a little bit like my worst nightmare only in my nightmares I don't have to spend any money and when I wake up, I'm only surrounded by four wild banchees.

Lights flashing, children running around like crazy and you're constantly counting heads making sure yours are in sight. I've even been tempted to put my kids in matching bright orange shirts just so I could spot them more easily.

It's also the tokens and the prizes at the end that make my head spin. It's pretty fun to go and spend about $50 then look in my hand to see what we got for our money.

A spinner, a spider ring, a parachute guy, and two children crying because they don't have enough tickets to buy the fuzzy pencil toppers.

"Why don't you just save your tickets until next time and you can get something you really want."

Like I have plans of ever coming back if I can help it.

Ok, actually, last time I was there, Chuck kind of redeemed himself. (I said 'kind of' Chuck, don't get excited.)

I was playing skeet ball with my kids, helping Sadie on the Barney moving car thing, and that's when I found it. The game of all games.

Whack a Mole.

I totally forgot about Whack a Mole!


Bedtime at our home is just like Whack a Mole!

All four are tucked in, read to, prayed for, and kissed.

Put your token in...

One's up. "Mom, I'm itchy."


Three's up. "Mom, I'm thirsty." Which will inevitably be followed by, "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom."


Two's up. "I know you said we can't get out of bed, but what if the house is on fire?"


Four's up. "Are there going to be any tornadoes tonight?"

"We've never had a tornado. No more Wizard of Oz for you."


I'm freakin' living WHACK A MOLE!

Except, I don't get one of those fun little clubs with the padded top and there are no tickets spitting out of their beds when I tuck them in for the fourth time each.

If there were, I think my prize case would have chocolate, wine, and season 2 of the Office.

Even so, I will play it to train, to hone my skills.

Chuck E. Cheese's is still 'not my favorite', but I have begun to see it now in a different light.

It's a tactical training ground.

We've got another birthday party coming up.

I'm ready.

Bring it, my little mole friends. Bring it.


emily said...
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emily said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

That is a genius analogy to parenting!!!

(I deleted the one before, just don't want people having to guess who did that)

MissHannah said...

You are hysterical.

The Kelly Family said...

i must brag about the fact that I won over 100 tickets last month at "the Cheese" by playing the "hit the button when the lights pass the BONUS thing" game. don't be jealous. I think i left with a handful of tootsie rolls.

Ellen said...

Funny as usual! Your posts never seem to run out of wit.

JB said...

Ok so the only Chuk e cheese experiences I have had (other than my own childhood except then it was a bear and Show biz pizza) are with your little nieces and nephews. They "took" me there for my birthday one year...completely unselfishly decided Jess' birthday lunch should be none other than Chuk E Cheese... :) It was fun...except for the random grown men there without kids...hmmm..on a Monday in the middle of the day...hmmmm

Jen said...

hahahahah..that was hilarious!! I have to admit though, I love Chuck E Cheese and wished I had kids to take to it. :) Though playing ski ball and eating cheap pizza is my forte, I don't have toddlers to keep track of. :)