Monday, December 3, 2007

Look at the clouds in the sky...

They're white, just like the White House where we'll be going THIS WEEKEND! Subtle, right?

We are totally riding on the coattails of my in-laws and there may have been a catastrophic oversight on the invitation list but we don't care! We're having Christmas Brunch with the BMICABB (Big Man in the Country and his beautiful bride).

Country come to town! Yee Haw!

We will be attending the Family Christmas Brunch with the whole clan. With Trey's parents, two sisters, their husbands and all 11 grandchildren, that makes 19 of us in a group of about 75 so basically, what my mother brain immediately starts to do is weigh our odds.

Our family has a 1 in 4 chance of getting blamed for one of the thousands of permutations of accidents that are bound to, I mean could, happen.

We have been practicing at the dinner table. It's been chili and cornbread so probably a little different from what they'll be serving in D.C. but we have to start somewhere.

"Graham, there is NO burping at the table. Yes, that is burping. So is that. And that."

"Tee, seriously, you must use utensils. Yes, all the time. Yes, even if they serve spaghetti."

"Sadie and Olivia, getting up from the table before you are excused and doing your latest High School Musical karaoke performance will not be appropriate. No, it will not be appropriate even after you've been excused."

"There probably won't be straws or Tony the Tiger bowls and if the soup is hot, you may not put several pieces of ice in it. Just let it cool off by itself."

"It is polite to wait for your sister to finish her story before you start yelling, I mean telling, yours."

"I think your Crocs would look great but they, I, you, uh, your feet might get cold because of all the holes. We might have to wear your church shoes. No, I know, I mean the ones you are supposed to wear instead of your Crocs but never do."

"I don't know what the President's favorite Webkinz is. Nope, no idea."

"Yes, you may touch things. Your feet may touch the floor and your hands may touch your sides but otherwise, that's it."

Graham is for SURE going to have to go poop. For that matter, so will Sadie. Even though they deny it, I think they do it on purpose when we're in very conspicuous places. Will my pocket-full of matches make it past the Secret Service?

How long does it take to break a habit? Is Sadie going to pick her nose in front of the President and First Lady?

Die to self, Melissa, die to self.

Ok, all reality aside, it's going to be an incredible opportunity for our kids and we can't wait to show them our nation's capital.

Tee wanted to give the President a 3'x4' 3D puzzle of the White House that we saw at Ross Dress for Less.

"He'd LOVE this mom! It's his house! I wish we had one of our house!"

Back to the odds, I think the odds of the Mrs. Bush having on my outfit are in my favor. I'm pretty certain she won't be wearing either Mossimo or Merona. So I've got that going for me!

I'll let you know how it goes. Please pray for our safe travel and our time with family, and the President. Did I mention that? Just checking. :)


MissHannah said...

I find it hard to believe that YOU the most star-struck person I know is going to be eating brunch with the president, in the White House. Please bring back decorating ideas. Does your phone have a camera on it. Are you allowed to take pictures? Can you get me an autograph? A real one, not a fake one signed with the auto pen thingy. Is that tacky...wanting an autograph, you can just say it is for a kid in the hood.

And now what what is most important....What are you going to wear? And what are you kids going to wear?

Melissa said...

Well, after Trey gave me the whole, "we don't need to buy anything speech." I'm going for something I already own except for anything new from Target that I can slip in with my groceries and he'll be none the wiser...unless he reads this...crap. Just kidding Trey!
And, yes, I'll have Tee ask for an autograph for his good buddy Hannah. Do you have a Mickey Mouse autograph book you want me to take along?
And no, I don't have a camera but I think I can borrow one for the trip.

emily said...

Can you even believe it?? I hope we only have wonderful, normal things to post when we get back-- not really funny, can't believe that our kids did that, things to post!!!

MissHannah said...

Oh I hope you have wonderful deliciously funny things to post...I can't wait!

I have a camera you guys can borrow if you need to.

Susan said...

I keep trying to think of ways that I can weasle my way up there with you all...don't Bill and Candy want to adopt a 3rd daughter? need an instantly beloved nanny? Oh, for yours and Emily's sake I hope that no loud crashes happen at the feet of one of your 8 children...I think Kelley's kids are old enough for an impromptu hurling of a sausage link towards a brother to sound like a great idea. Have a ball and make sure that you get a Christmas card picture out of the whole thing!!
Susan O.

Misty said...

oh Melissa, how your thoughts amuse me!!! i love to read your blog, even though you may not remember who i am.... :O)
can't wait to hear what happens at the white house! i especially love what you said about the 3-d puzzle at "ross dress for less" and that the first lady probably won't be wearing mossimo or merona. HA! :O)

Abbie said...

So?! How did it go?? Anyone burp or fart at dinner? Did you spill anything on your shirt? Come out from the bathroom with your skirt tucked in your pantyhose while trailing a mile of toilet paper on your shoe?? Oh I can't wait to hear ALL about it! P.S. Give W. a big old squeeze from me, ok? :)

JB said...

Can't wait to hear...while you guys were rubbing elbows with the Bushs I was...well...steppin in a little good morning gift Charlie left for me :) Gotta love that little cutie! You need to do a post with lots of pics!!!!!

S. said...

That is so cool!

I love the title of your blog--found it through the Fournet's who are friends of friends.

Good luck at the White House! My mom had dinner there and said it was amazing!