Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Merry!

Last night was the fourth annual neighborhood Christmas party. We started doing it when we moved in and have kept up the tradition. My friend Carey came to help as did my mother in law. Candy also brought with her wrapped gifts for all the kids that her sewing club had assembled. They were a big hit and some opened them right away. Quincy kept his closed and will open his Christmas morning.

We decorated cookies and had a home cooked dinner and the kiddos performed some kind of Christmas play that translated into an impromptu reason to dress up in crazy costumes.

Sadie is Mary holding baby Jesus in a Hawaiian dress with a plastic grass skirt and Superwoman cape.

This is Daddyeo and Cornpop showing off their Christmas haircuts. It's the called the Booty with a zig-zag.

My kids are small enough to still delight in all of it but we've found some of the older kids activities are interrupted by text messages and incoming calls to their pink cell phones. We had some siblings who couldn't come because they went to visit their oldest brother in jail.

Over the years, we've learned some things about Christmas in a community like this one.

Santa does not come to every good child's home so we don't talk about him very much. I realized this again last night when the kids were leaving and didn't take their cookies. They said, "we'll leave them here for Santa". Unfortunately, they think he only comes to our house.

Although our children receive gifts at Christmas, we don't put them under the tree weeks ahead like we used to. Our tree looks empty but it helps to avoid questions and distractions that are difficult to explain.

It has been a lesson in humility and holding your tongue for all of us and we are again reminded that the season is truly an opportunity to rejoice in the Saviour's birth and that is enough.

Merry Christmas and I pray you'll celebrate with us that He came to make His blessings flow "far as the Curse is found".

"Far as the Curse is found."


MissHannah said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I love Hawian Mary and Davy Crokett Jesus. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas...i love you guys.

S. said...

That is a great reminder. Thank you.

emily said...

Precious! I love how Sadie is mid-carwheel on the couch in the first picture:)

S. said...

Yes! Gini was my college roommate and maid of honor! Small world, huh?

JB said...

Ok, cutest nativity scene ever! And probably the most creative :)