Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who Knew?

Well, we're back from D.C. and oh what a time we had. It was truly a once in a lifetime weekend that none of us will soon forget. Not necessarily because our memories are so stellar but because we were shameless with our cameras. Not even a little bit discreet.
Obviously, it was a first time for all of us, and I'm proud to say I wasn't so engrossed in the spectacularness (not a word, I know) of it all that I didn't learn a few things. I'd like to share them with you now...

1. The President and First Lady are incredibly gracious hosts and very friendly. They know how to throw a party for kids like nothing I've seen. It was relaxed, festive and magical for the little munchers, down to the chicken fingers and marshmallow snowmen. They were able to be themselves and act like children. Loved that!

2. No matter how many times you practice with your children about what will happen when they meet the President, how to give him a firm handshake, and look him in the eye, and no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to help but look straight past the most powerful man in the free world and zero in on Santa. I mean, to them, they're looking at the most powerful man and he's got on a red suit, a long white beard and a big sack of Barney puppets. No competition.

3. Odds are, when you're posing to take a big family picture and the President sidles up to your husband and says "Can I get in the picture?" There's absolutely NO WAY you're going to get that on film. He's standing right next to Trey. You can see half of his arm. Priceless.

Lookey Lou! Found one. Not necessarily Christmas card worthy but fun to have proof that we didn't make it all up!

4. The White House, to my delight, serves Coca-Cola products, not Pepsi.
Knew it!

5. The pretty velvet rope in front of the white chocolate 'White House at Christmas' confection is not just for decoration, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Sadie was obviously sad she couldn't have a just a tiny little taste.

6. When invited upstairs to the guest rooms, right above where the President is resting, 10 children can whisper, even when piling on their grandparents guest room bed.

7. When you take a picture of a sniper on the roof and he says, "Ma'am, please don't take that picture. YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT PICTURE!" You may keep it on your camera and only pretend to delete it but you're for sure intimidated enough not to post it on your blog.

8. From the Roosevelt Balcony, Barney looks just like a regular little black dog. :)

Emily, on the other hand, looks fabulous.

9.The First Lady looks great in red. She also does not wear either Mossimo or Merona; at least to Christmas brunches. The same cannot be said of the rest of us who represented just about all of Target's fall lines. I know, Moody, not you! This is Mrs. Bush with Trey and I.

10. You can't take pictures in the West Wing and they also don't like it if you go into the Cabinet Room and spin around in Condoleezza Rice's chair. No one did this, I'm just imagining they wouldn't.

11. The women's restroom is in a beautiful room with a wonderful portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt and even the paper towels have the Presidential Seal. You can bribe your children not to go poop.

12. No matter how sweet, and friendly, and charming you are, or how brilliantly your children behave, eventually, they will ask you to leave.
And they'll lock the door behind you.

It was so fun to be with Trey's entire family and we joked that we can't plan a vacation together months in advance but could get away in a week's notice thanks to a 'wouldn't miss it' invitation from the White House.

We're incredibly thankful for the experience and the opportunity to meet the President and First Lady, and to be close enough to know he likes his chicken fingers with honey mustard!

Me too!


emily said...

I want to go back, think we will ever go back?? Probably not, that is why we will look at our pics over and over again:)
Chicken for not posting the dude on the roof-

JB said...

How cute are your kids??? I remember when the first two were just babies and wow!...look at all FOUR now! I guess that's what happens...

Great pics! That is seriously cool stuff! I did get invite for this weekend but I already had plans so I had to politely decline. oh well. :)

MissHannah said...


I was hoping you'd put the girls in those adorable skirts. You all look fabulous, one of the best looking families I've ever seen.

Misty said...

lol sniper on the roof!! and half the pres' arm in the pic hahahah seriously...priceless! does this type of stuff only happen to you? :O)

Jana said...

soooo fun.

I'm also sooo proud that Target was represented. Somebody had to do it.

I think Laura's suit was from Forever 21.

The Fournet Family said...

What a wonderful experience for your family! Love the Santa story...my kids would do the smae exact thing:)

Kristen said...

This cracks me-I can totally picture the scenerios with my own kids.
What I want to know is if you found out if Jenna's wedding will be at the Crawford ranch!??!
I'm available anytime to be her wedding consultant!!!
I can even show them my credentials of having been in photos with both President Bushs from my former political work!

Ellen said...

What a great, once-in-a-lifetime experience!! My 11 year old brother saw the pic of Barney on the lawn and said "Wow. That small dog sure does have a lot of room to run around!" :)