Thursday, January 3, 2008

...and what also works for me.

Yesterday, I posted about a great prayer journal for Rocks in My Dryer's Works for me Wednesday.
Well, I've got a little something else that has been workin' for me all week; slightly ill children.
Now, let me just say, before I go any further, that I am so thankful for their health and I would never wish illness upon my children. Ever.
It's just that we've been down with the best case scenario of colds all week and it's been pretty sweet. It's the kind of cold where all they want to do is lay on the couch and snuggle. They'll watch Elf over and over if I'll sit there with them, which I'm totally willing to do.
On a side note, I must confess my secret (well, not any more) crush on Will Ferrell, and Conan O'Brien for that matter. Trey feels completely confident and not threatened even a little by this. I love the security he has in both his manliness and his ability to tell a joke. It might have something to do with the fact that he looks like this...

...and his heart is even more beautiful. I mean manly, and strong, and rugged. Fearless and rugged.
My sickies prefer it if I don't get out of my bathrobe all day to deliver their third helping of chicken soup and Sprite. Instead, their request is to "stay in your p.j.s just like me". All day.
I've even had to lay down with them in the afternoons a couple of days and take a nap with them just to help them feel better. Rest can be the best medicine you know. I'm a giver.
This is not my personality. Not at all. I love to get out and go, go, go. I love to use the week after New Years to catch up on all of my errand running, cleaning, and seeing friends.
This week, I've learned something else I love. Staying home all day and just hanging out. Reading books and watching movies with no schedule. The neighborhood kids have still come every day and had dinner with us most nights. We've had Wii tournaments and cooking lessons.
Quincy and Dion can bake the fire out of a pan of brownies.
It has for once in a long time truly felt like a vacation at home. I wish my kids had felt better but we've made the most of it.
Now, I must go. They're obviously out of the woods because there's a fight raging upstairs. Apparently, Olivia wants to erase Porky, the Mii, because he's "ugly" but Tee has become attached and can't bear to think of Porky being sent to cyber-never, never land. So glad to see my degree in Breaking up Childhood Squabbles is definitely not being wasted.

Thank you Lord, that although our physical rest may be brief, you offer, through your Son, a peace that passes understanding.


JB said...

Ok...I actually can't wait to read your new posts! You are a seriously cool moms. I mean there are moms...good moms...and seriously cool good moms. Man, when I have kids, you and Em better watch out cause I will for sure be coming to you for of these days, or years, or whatever.

tootie said...

Ha! I especially liked the part about Will Ferrell - I'm a big fan of his, too! His best of SNL videos (volume 1 and 2) are awesome, not to mention all his movies (Blades of Glory, Anchorman...)

fully operational battle station said...

My Mom always loved it when we were sick too. I would get mad and pretend like she was forcing Munchausers syndrome on us. :)

Your husband is a total hottie. And so is Will Ferrell.