Monday, January 14, 2008

Because I don't scrapbook.

I can't go to bed without telling you that Graham , our kindergartner started reading tonight. At the encouragement of his older brother and sister, he picked up a few Bob books and slowly sounded out the words. Once he got through the first, we couldn't get him to stop.
Mit and Jig, Mat and Sam, Cat and Spartacus (just seeing if you're paying attention).
Sakes alive we're proud of that kid.


MissHannah said...

Okay I can't tell you how much I love that face. I'm so proud of him.

How come Mindy gets to babysit all the time? I know I don't sing or dance and I certainly wasn't the Indiana State Princess and the 4H captian of the year but I do love your kids.

Abbie said...

READING?!? How exciting!! Way to go momma! :)

mindalou said...

Hannah - 'all the time' might be defined as once every 2 months...somehow you have perceived incorrectly. Therefore proving that my pageanting experience plays little into my desirablility as a baby-sitter.

MissHannah said...

ooohhh, mindy yeah for your first comment. You'll be blogging yourself before you know it.