Saturday, January 12, 2008

D. I. V. O. R. C. E.

It seems like just a couple of years ago, Trey and I could have long, detailed conversations about anything in the presence of our children because whenever we came to a word too mature for their ears, we could just spell it.
I spelled this one tonight and 1/2 of our offspring immediately knew there was a storm on the horizon. The other clueless half just continued to play with the hamsters.
Trey and Olivia had just...What was that?
Did you just say HAMSTER.S.
But what about the dog you just took in?
what about the other four pets you already have?
what about the rule: nothing else living in your home that poops?
what about the seventeen billion neighborhood kids that come over everyday that you have to feed and practice spelling words and clean up after?

Olivia had a birthday and that girl loves her some furry animals.
Daddy took one look in these eyes and lost all sense of reason.

My gift is not interior design but I'm pretty sure this is not the "pop of color" my friends are talking about.

One of them is already trying to gnaw her way out.

Lord, thank you for hamsters, and dogs, and bearded dragons, and cats, and husbands who love their daughters so much they sometimes forget about the no p.o.o.p. rule.


emily said...

W.O.W!!! You can kiss any romantic getaway good bye sister. You can find someone to watch those 4 precious kids of yours, but I'm pretty sure the zoo- well that will be a different story.

We will not be visiting anytime soon- my kids have BEGGED for a hamster for years. They are cute until the cage starts smelling up the place:) Thanks.

You have totally spoken it on us-- Moody is driving right now to pick up Hill. His allergies are so bad, he was having trouble breathing! You just couldn't let us be happy for 36 hours could you?? Love you!

Jana said...

i laughed out loud at that silly thing hanging there.

S. said...

you are a much better mom than me. My poor Madeleine is heartbroken that we don't have a dog yet, let alone a menagerie!

Funny hamster pic...

About the spelling--my friend taught her daugher pig latin, she taught M. and now our last resort is gone...unless I get fluent in German or French but that isn't gonna happen.

MissHannah said... niece knows gibberish which is what my sister and I resorted to. So now we have to wait until she's in bed, or listening to HSM very loudly in her bedroom..and of course singing at the top of her lungs.

Melissa, when will madness end? Can I come live with you? I promise I won't poop.

Misty said...

hahahahah your house is a jungle! :O) that pic of the hamster trying to climb/eat his way out of his sweet digs made me laugh!

fully operational battle station said...

So, I was really scerred there for a minute because I thought you were saying that you guys were talking about GETTING a divorce.

Whew! Glad we cleared that up.

Congrats or my apologies on the hamsters. Whichever.... :)


avery said...

I wan't a hamster so bad!!