Sunday, January 6, 2008


Found. Beautiful black lab in West Dallas. She is sweet and friendly but was initially hesitant to be welcomed into our home. She was very hungry when she arrived and warmed up after she got something to eat. She is gentle but has possibly been abused or severely neglected because she's skiddish, especially around men. She responds really well to positive attention and encouragement. It's obvious that she belongs to someone, although no one seems to be looking for her. Labs are incredibly smart and loyal by nature and perfect in a family. In a home with unconditional love and purposeful discipline, the possibilities of this girl would be limitless.

This describes a stray dog that showed up on my front porch yesterday. It would also describe about 90% of the kids we come across in West Dallas. I know the differences between children and dogs goes back to the purposing of their creation before the beginning of time. One was spoken into existence, created to be ruled over by man and the other was sculpted by the Creator's hands, to be an image bearer of the Lord himself.

Are we, in our inner cites, forgetting that marvelous distinction? Are we creating a generation of stray children?
If not, why do they keep showing up on my doorstep?


Susan said...

Interesting...praise the Lord that those "stray children" have your safe doorstep to show up on and God's love to receive from you and your wonder they come. No telling what they see and hear at home. God is good!
:) Susan

Shawn and Jami said...

Sweet thankful for the way that God has created you and called you to be mother figure to so many that might not otherwise ever see a healthy one.

emily said...

I love this post.....who is keeping the sweet stray dog?

emily said...

Do you really have an occasion for the dress and heels? You are always welcome to shop in my closet, though Jacques is much better still:)

THESE 3 KINGS said...

wow, Mel...isnt a humbling thing to know that the Lord would choose your home to bring these little excited about the work his is doing through you and your family..I am praying that the LORD will bring a revival in your neighborhood and that satan will not have these little ones believing that their past determines their future
love you lots my sweet sister and new friend

fully operational battle station said...

I just really like you.


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Melissa, we certainly are losing so many children. I taught in Nashville's inner city for six years, and I am sure the sight would be a familiar one to you. Thank you so much for this post. I am so thankful you are blogging about your experiences! I can't wait to read more.