Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How to tell if my husband is stressed and preoccupied.

Well, he doesn't get his hair cut even if he really needs it, he doesn't even mention the fact that American Idol is on tonight, and I can plan dates like this...
"Trey, we have a sitter coming this Sunday night so we can get out and catch up."
"I thought we'd grab dinner, have a glass of wine and talk, and then I thought we could go see a movie."
"Uh huh."
"I've been really wanting to see 27 Dresses. It looks really cute."
"Yeah, that's fine."
"So, Sunday night will work?"
"Uh huh."

I have just officially planned a date night with my husband to go see a totally girly movie the evening of the Super Bowl and he didn't bat an eye.

He's not exactly what you would call "tightly wound". In fact, he could be the most laid back guy I know (except when it comes to packing) so, when he feels under the gun, I become a little momma bear. I'm asking you to pray for him.

He's got a huge grant application due and the pressure is mounting.
It's for $1,000,000...

...and would pay for the development of a sports complex in West Dallas. Mercy Street introduced Little League into the community three years ago and the response has been amazing. Dads come out to watch their sons play and the kids learn about hard work, being a part of a team, and what it means to win and lose with grace.

It is our favorite thing to do on Friday nights because, for the first time, we really see the entire community come together to play or cheer or both. Often, kids would stay all night in their uniforms to watch their brothers and sisters or friends play even after their game was long over. Every once in a while, a team would be short a player and the stands would be full of kids with hands raised yelling, "I'll play! I'll play!"

We met new children and their families and many baseball players joined Mercy Street last fall as they introduced the first season of soccer.

Unbelievably, the Dallas Housing Authority has given Mercy Street the rights to develop 20 acres in West Dallas for a sports complex that would host these sports and more. It will create a gathering place for families on Friday nights and Saturday mornings that is hard to duplicate.

Because he knows what it could mean for the community, he's stressed. He's up late, up early, rewriting the presentation, editing the presentation, praying, and taking care of all the other responsibilities that come with being the father of four, wait, six.

I made him meatloaf, mashed potato casserole, and green beans hoping to at least love him with food. We're praying for him, for his presentation to the powers that be, and resting in the One true power who holds all things in His righteous right hand. The One who knows what we need long before we even ask.

I didn't really plan a date the night of the Super Bowl but, on a scale of 1-10, how wrong would it be to use his stress to my advantage and ask him for a new washer/dryer?

Just checking.


Holli said...

We will be praying!

Jana said...

we will, too!

MissHannah said...

Me too...

Abbie said...


What a cool thing that would be for the community.

Candy said...

Praying for sure! What good news is this great gospel that before we ask, He hears our hearts, that He promises His grace sufficient for our every need, and that His power is truly made PERFECT in our weakness.
Praying that Trey knows His weakness and His Father's omnipotence.
We rest in His sovereign providence in all things.

fully operational battle station said...

You are one smart smart woman. :)

Very cool deal he has going on! Way to be Hood Daddy!


Natalie Fournet said...

Praying too...and thanks for reminding me about the Super Bowl.

Wonderful World said...

You have to be the funniest person ever!!
Sounds like my husband is a lot like yours...never stressed. I'm encouraged to see how you are intentionally loving him through it. Sometimes i don't know what to do because he's stressed so rarely. Thanks for the encouragement!
I'll be praying for your husband and that the Lord will provide all the money needed.