Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

When you're in first grade at my daughter's school and you have a birthday, especially if it falls over Christmas break, you get to bring cookies, cupcakes, or a pig on a spit in to share with the class.
Olivia's birthday doesn't seem to end.
Apparently, we had not done all the celebrating possible so I promised to make sugar cookies. I felt like Martha Stewart making these and I have to say, I was VERY proud of the outcome. I am not Martha Stewarty at all and have decided I will be the kind of mom who makes all the other moms feel great about themselves.
"I'm so sorry I forgot little Johnny's shoes today for Bible Study."
"Oh, don't worry, the Hill's never have shoes on."
Yes, I'm a giver.
Today, however, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decorated some pretty little cookies.

I even made blue frosting for the boys.

The fact that I photographed them should tell you how rare it truly is.

One step forward.

About halfway through the day, I get this email from my daughter's teacher.

...Olivia really needs a coat at school. We do have them run around outside some if it is not raining and she is freezing...She stands at the window huddled up like a sad puppy...

It was 33 degrees outside. Um, did you see the cookies?

Two steps back.

Ok, let's look on the bright side. Our official pictures from the White House came back today. There's a great one of the entire family with the President and First Lady.
My eyes are closed.


Misty said...

hahahahah! love you Melissa! you are the ONE person i know that this stuff happens to! eyes closed. priceless! by the way, those cookies look like you paid some master baker to create those!!! snaps for Melissa!

JB said...

Props to the cookie maker. Huddled up like a sad puppy, huh? Love how she painted that picture for you :) And maybe we could photoshop your eyes wide open..??? What color eyes do you want in the pic?? :)

jay n tricia said...

Haha! Oh that is awful! But...wow those cookies certainly are marvelous. I am seriously impressed. Are you willing to share frosting recipe/technique with this amateur?

Jana said...

okay, those cookies are beautiful!!!! the rest just makes me laugh.

fully operational battle station said...

So funny! You crack me up.


Abbie said...

What the crap?? How on Gods green earth did you create such gorgeous cookies? Move over Martha Stewart!
Those TOTALLY make up for the no coat at school! ;)
Can't wait to see the white house pictures!! Don't worry about your eyes being closed, my luck would be that I would have a giant booger hanging out or something....

Candy said...

Great cookies and way to go, Melissa, for seeking to make all those other moms feel great about themselves for bundling their kids in coats. Anyone can do that! Not many can create cookies like these.
Move over Celebrity Bakery!!
Think that photoshop might be the remedy for the White House pics with the eyes closed. Isn't the Lord wonderful in how He creatively uses things like this to keep us humble??
Love you!

weeklybob said...

YOu didn't give those cookies justice when telling your funny story today @ CS... BEAUTIFUL!!!
btw...Bob's blog is weeklybob.blogspot.com
We have linked you to his blog!

emily said...

She looks beautiful in the picture, even with her eyes closed. I can vouch for that, they are closed friends.

Lets get back to the cookies- they are awesome!! Should have warmed O up several degrees at least.

Ellen said...

My first thought was, "What magazine did she get those pictures from!?" They're gorgeous!

Ellen said...

I meant the cookies. :) Are we looking at the "Next Food Network Star"??

Susanne said...

Yeah!! I finally made your blog! If it makes you feel any better, I had saved my cookie from Olivia to savor at home after a long day. I ended up giving it to my oldest because I forgot to pick him (& another kid) at b-ball practice. Not late...not forgot, and then remembered...FORGOT--like it never crossed my mind, forgot. To top it off, I had not turned on my cell phone. Now that is bad. At least Olivia can put on her own coat...pretty sure I mentioned that. :)

Pattie & Rob Miller said...

Wow, Martha Stewart has nothing on you. Thoses cookies are amazing!!! Way to pretty to even eat.

DidiLyn said...

I have been known to lay awake in bed for hours worried about my ability to make pretty cookies. I truly envy your cookie decorating skills. If your daughter gets pneumonia it will so be worth it for those beauties.
Thanks for sharing!
Diane the Ugly Cookie Baker