Friday, January 18, 2008

Over the bridge

I've posted a bunch about where we live, why we live here and the incredible children that have become a part of our family. Not technically, but in all the other ways that count to Trey and I. Emily wrote a funny post yesterday about what it sounds like to be on the other end of the phone with me when school lets out. You can read about that here.
Since she told you what it sounds like, I thought I'd give you a little peek at what it looks like.

These houses are just around the corner from us. Despite the size, they are full of families; often several generations. A couple of weeks ago, their neighbor's house burned and three were killed. They couldn't get out of the burglar bars or the locks on the doors that required a key to get both in or out. The fire department took 38 minutes to respond.

This house looks like a Highland Park Estate compared to the one our old babysitter lived in. She is a brilliant girl with a sincere love for the Lord. She got into college on an academic scholarship but had to leave after her first semester to come home and take care of her little sister who was being sexually abused by their dad.

All day long, there are school age children walking around the neighborhood. Skipping school is just a stepping stone until they finally drop out.

Another common sight. The "Po Po" keep pretty busy.

Snapped this one parked up at the high school. It was in the teacher's lot. I'm pretty sure this is not an official McDonald's vehicle. If it is, Ronald is apparently a big fan of 22" wheels, a huge symbol of status in the inner city. I might have to put some on my station wagon.

There are signs of despair on every corner. There are little victories that keep reminding us there is a Father who vows to not bring us harm but to give us each a future and a hope.
Thank you, Lord, that these promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus.


MissHannah said...

HEY...where and when did you take that picture of those girls. The one in front is Sabiyan and I've been looking for her.

She better not have been skipping school or else!

Rissah tells me all the time that I need wheels and then my car will be really clean, maybe we should pimp my element.

MissHannah said...

Oh and are the next PW.

emily said...

That is a sweet ride!! Really like the pics, did you use photoshop?? Be honest.