Tuesday, January 15, 2008

With a side of poetic justice

You know my husband brought home hamsters, right?
Sunday morning I woke up to this conversation between my husband and Tee, our 8 year old.
It just made me smile ear to ear.
"Daddy! Daddy! Now that we have two hamsters! We'll be able to have little baby hamsters! Whoohoo!
"Um...well...ahem...son...no, you see, both the hamsters are girls."
"Well, ahem, Tee, you need a boy and a girl to make babies."
"You know what, let's you and I sit down and talk about this after church."
I was smiling because I knew the Cowboys were playing at 3:30 and what was rushing through my husband's mind was, 'How can I have "the talk" with my son and still make it in time for kickoff?'
Being the wordsmith that he is, he was able to get 'er done and he and Tee sludged through the Cowboy defeat like old compadres.
One, just a little wiser than he was the day before.


jay n tricia said...

"One, just a little wiser than he was the day before."

And the other utterly miserable that last year's Cowboys showed up for the game against the Giants.

-- Jay

MissHannah said...

We heard about that talk up here at MS, I'm so glad that it finally happened.

And I wish I was more sad that the cowboys lost...I'm just not.

JB said...

Ah yes, the hamsters. And the talk. The pastors daughter of our church in LA enlightened me to such things that led to "the talk". Gotta love those p.k.s :)

So you have added hamsters and a fern to your home? Hmmm...what about a cat nicknamed Lucifer who meows all night? Interested? She could take care of those little hamsters..just a thought...

S. said...

I am such a coward. We distracted M. just in time from the mating giraffes at the zoo...Glad your husband stepped up to the plate! Can't say that I am sorry about the defeat...

emily said...

EXCUSE ME-- fail to mention something on the phone the past two days?? Wow! Can't wait to get details.

fully operational battle station said...

Wow, he's good. He's REAL good.