Sunday, February 3, 2008

Can they kick you out of the country...

...if your husband takes your three oldest kids to his parents' house to watch the Super Bowl so you put your youngest three down at 7:30 and pour yourself a glass of wine and, instead of turning on the game, turn on Pride and Prejudice and eat an entire box of Milk Duds?
Let me know so I can make the proper arrangements before my deportation.


The Kelly Family said...

could we have more in common?? my favorite combo is chocolate and caramel... (milky way, rolos, hundred grand, turtles, milk duds,,,)and a glass of wine! maybe that's why i can't lose the "baby weight"!!!
seriously, I am sorry you have been discouraged and hope all those encouraging comments have lifted your spirit!

emily said...

I wish I had talked to you yesterday- like one day out of the week that we don't and you had a hard one. Could that be part of the problem....hmmm.

You are a rockstar, what you and Trey are doing is amazing and you guys are doing it sooo well.

I have to admit that I still have a hard time with the math....Trey took the 3 oldest to parents, I put 3 youngest down----took me a minute! I'm not a math scholar you know.

Surely the wine and chocolate helped:)

MissHannah said...

Hey...which version did you watch? Colin Ferth? My favorite.

I watched four episodes of "What Not to Wear" and ate a bag of popcorn and a gigantic bag of Reeses Pieces.

Candy said...

Well, according to the Word, you are a "stranger and alien", but don't think this is the stuff of deportation.
Were you hoping???
Loved being with "D", Tee and Trey. Praying you find joy, strength, hope and love in Jesus today, Melissa!
I sure love you.

Abbie said...

Milk duds are good for the soul.

Hold your head high as they cuff your dear hands and share the good news once you get to Mexico!

THESE 3 KINGS said...

yeeaaa baby,,now that's what I call re-lax-za-tion from neighborhood ministry!!! Having a little Dranky Drank and Chocolate is always good, I see ya, I feel ya..

so kind of your heavenly Father giving you that time alone. I pray it was full of rest
love you girl! Do not grow weary while doing good! :)

JB said...

I'm just going to pretend that eating an entire box of milk duds is as normal for you as it is for me...cause I happen to eat an ENTIRE box like..oh let me see...EVERYTIME I WATCH A MOVIE. Dang..I didn't watch that game very much either...should have drove out to Dallas!