Sunday, February 24, 2008

Full Circle

Since Olivia turned seven, which was in January, we've had no less than four new pets enter the threshold of our home.
Hamster number one met her horrific demise at the paws of hamster number two. Hamster number two was set free in the field near Mercy Street never to be heard from again. Hamster three and four were bought in a knee-jerk reaction to comfort our distraught daughter even though I suggested something maybe not so, well, alive.
Hamster number three and four bit. Despite the exercise wheel, the extra long tunnel, and the hand chopped carrots, they bit the hand that fed them one too many times. We had fourteen days to return them and on day 14 1/2, Olivia was discouraged and chose to cut her losses. "Maybe someone else can teach them not to bite so hard."
I ran into my closet, closed the door and broke into song.

"Mom since the hamsters didn't work out, could I get something else for my birthday?"
"That depends what it is, sweetie."
"Could I get this?"

Let's run through the checklist.
Can they bite? Nope.
Can they hurt the other webkinz in our house? No sir.
Do they poop? Uh uh.
Ding ding ding ding...we have a winner!!!


Holli said...

Welcome to the Webkinz world! Drake (4) loves his and we do at times......We have to help with it and you can never have enough stuff for it:)! Rooms, gardens, supplies and the list goes on...... And we had to get another computer just so I could blog:)

S. said...

OK but do not under any circumstances start playing tile towers after the kidz go to sleep--you may find yourself having a conversation with your husband that goes, "click on the pig, no not that pig, the one with the chef hat! ok, now the happy dog, no not the smiley dog, the happy dog!" LOL

THESE 3 KINGS said...

lol..welcome to my world... Kaiya has a webskinz..
well.... or shall I say .. I have a webkinz..its addictive!!

Candy said...

And you have the Webkinz expert of experts, Graham, right there to dispense untold wisdom of Webkinz world. This is a definite mark of maturity in that seven year old Princess. Love her new haircut too!!

DidiLyn said...

To be honest, I am now scared to go find out what these are. Needless to say, I have no youngsters in my house. But seriously, ANYTHING has to be better than hamsters. My son (who has grown into a fireman and rescues people. Go figure) used to throw little stuffed animals at me, pretending they were "Hammy" the hamster. I screamed to wake the dead each and every time. I must have been a fun Mom to have around. Enjoy the new 'puter pet.

Susanne said...

This time I have been nothing but supportive!! It is not nearly as fun, but I am feeling rather benevolent.

JB said...

Ok for a minute there I thought you were a getting a duckling for her...and boy do ducks POOP. I love baby ducks and begged for one when I was little...until my friend got one and my mom showed me what I would be cleaning up every day. Yuck!