Saturday, February 16, 2008

He promised we'd have no more of these...

Graham is six today!
Last year when he turned five, I told him, "That's it. No more of these, You can turn five but that's where I draw the line."
He promised. PROMISED.
But instead, he grew taller and taller and learned to ride his bike. He started swimming like a fish and then he went ahead and started kindergarten and learned to read.
So, here we are once again. Another year later and apparently, one year older.
Ok, I guess I'll have to be O.K. with six but absolutely NO turning seven and that's final.


Candy said...

Put a brick on his head and do NOT, I repeat, do NOT allow Sadie to turn four on March 2nd!!

S. said...

Happy Birthday!
p.s. loved the article about your husband! I think about what your family is doing often and am inspired!

MissHannah said...

Oh please NO more birthdays!!! He does get cuter and cuter!

Can you believe Sadie was one and still in diapers when I first met you all...and now the thweetpea will be turning four, oh no!

Abbie said...

Aww...poor mommy....

Happy Happy Birthday!

Holli said...

Hope Graham had a very happy birthday.
I have been telling Drake he can't turn five and that he can't eat anymore veggies..... the kid is eating them like never before! :) Why do they want to grow up so fast!
Come visit anytime! But you will have to stop hating!:)

DidiLyn said...

You made me smile. I used to squish the kids with my hugs every night and told them that I was doing my best to keep them little. Sadly, it didn't work. Happily, they remember this routine fondly.:-)