Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We have come to the conclusion that the opinions of inner city kids cannot guide our decisions in three specific areas.

1. Decorating
Most of the kids think our house is "plain". Can't argue much here but stay with me.

2. Fashion
Most of the kids think I dress "plain". Now this I will dispute. I love me some fashion and could spend an inordinate amount of time on this topic. I'll save that for another post.

3. Cooking
Last night I stepped out and fried wings. The boys living with us love wings and I found a great recipe at my good friend Pioneer Woman's cooking site. She's not a good friend, I'm just a stalker. In the interest of humility, I will say they were awesome!!! We LOVE wings in this house but I had never made them and these were delicious. Delicious. Spicy and yummy and I woke up this morning with a fat hangover.
Everyone ate to their hearts content and we went through a roll of paper towels. My house smells like grease but it was worth it. Worth it until I made a fatal error in judgment and asked D and Darius what they thought about my wings. WHY? WHY did I ask? I'll tell you why. I wanted the praise of men. I wanted them to tell me that my wings were 'the best they'd ever had and could I please cook them again really, really soon'. Instead, the Lord humbled me with this answer...
"They were good. Not as good as Jan's, but pretty good."
Don't bother looking in your Zagat Guide for "Best Wings in Dallas" hoping to find Jan's with five stars next to it.
This is Jan's...

...and apparently, her wings are better than mine.


MissHannah said...

NO WAY!!! There is no way her wings are better than yours. You are one of the BEST cooks I know. WAY BETTER THAN JAN. WAY.

Do you have any left, I wanna taste?

And just as an FYI I made the PW "best ever lasagna" last night and in my humble opinion it is not the best ever.

mindalou said...

Just to boost moral - Garrett come home from your house last night saying 'Melissa made some AMAZINGLY AWESOME wings' I could tell he wanted me to jump in with...ohh I'll have to get the recipe' but I refrained.

Although, I've heard Jan raises her own chickens in the backyard...so in that sense, I could see how they might be a bit fresher! you know Mercy Street has a rooster that might be tasty?! haha

THESE 3 KINGS said...

awww, I am sure they were great...but what I want to know is..why does it say "chinese food" and "Bar B Que" on the front of store?? wow!! lol
only in the hood can you get fried chicken, bbQ, and chrimp fried rice in the same place!!

Candy said...

This is great! I have been tempted on several occasions to stop in at Jan's because it is in these places one finds the "finest of fried foods". Not to in any way demean your wings, Melissa. Just knew the c-fried steak wasn't the biggest hit last week. Stars in your crown for cooking 'em. Now, what about the volcanic eruption today??????

DidiLyn said...

So funny! I know exactly how you feel, needing the accolades from the guys. My guy eats for fuel. (seriously, how fun can that be??)I love to try to things to cook and then try to wheedle a critique out of him. He still just says, "ummm, good....?" hoping that is a satisfactory enough comment when I am really searching for something along the lines of "the mango cilantro salsa really compliments the texture of the Chilean sea bass and makes the dish POP." Guess I shouldn't watch the Food Network. (And I really am NOT complaining about my man; he is the bestist.)
Shoot, I wrote an entire post on your comment section. :-)

Susanne said...

If you dress plain, I'm Amish.

Holli said...

You might want to try Jans special meat...... Start with Ugly!:)

weeklybob said...

I love Jan's! (do squirrels has wings?)

Abbie said...

Ok, so I'm not like stalking your page like 8 times a day or anything, but I just get worried when my melissa friend doesn't post for like, coming on 4 DAYS!! Did that awful cold-plague completely wipe out your home?! Please tell me you survived....PLLEEAAASSSEEE!!! :)

Jessica said...

Ha! I laugh because 'I love me some fashion" too ... probably way too much than is fiscally necessary, but I digress ...

I just got my hair cut and colored, long overdue since Mimi recently told me, "Mommy, your hair looks so pretty and silver..."

My hair is now basically black with bangs, much cooler than before (I thought). Chuck even told me that it was a great new look for me. He might have even said I look "hot" but I might have just been imagining that part!

But then at prayers last night, our 6-year-old Charlie prayed that when I woke up, I would "have my old hair back." And then Mimi chimed in with "Yeah mommy, your new hair looks kind of ... WIERD."

Isn't it sad when your dreams are dashed by someone who knows how cool you REALLY are? :)

And aren't you thankful you serve a God who loves you in spite of your total non-coolness? I am!

Your blog really makes me laugh! And also encourages me and reminds me to get out of my comfort zone in serving around here ...

Grace and peace,