Wednesday, February 6, 2008


First, I say no more pets.
Then, I hire a hit man to off the newest pets and make it look like an inside job.
Finally, my daughter cries a little, husband caves and, abracadabra, two new hamsters appear.
Has anyone besides me seen this picture before?

Thought so.

Speaking of pets, the Metroplex Animal Coalition is sponsoring free spaying/neutering for residents in Dallas' lowest income zip codes. Guess who qualifies? That's right! Whoohoo! And, if you bring your pets before March 1st, you get a $25 Walmart gift card! Are they essentially paying me to have my pets spayed? BONUS!!!
"Come on down and bring as many friendly animals as you can!"
"Alrighty, then!"
So, for sure Fern is going. And Max the cat. I've thought about also taking Ugly and the three legged dog that wanders around everyday. How many animals do you think I could coax to the drop off if I hung a pork chop out my window and drove really slow? Hmmm. Tempting.

Ok, I just re-read the above and the way I sound scares me a little. I have a mini-farm and I'm screamin' excited about the free spay/neuter program designed for people residing in the section of town where most live below the poverty line.

I really was a Kappa Alpha Theta at Texas A&M University where I majored in Communication and minored in Social Butterflying and before that, Prom Queen.

I love God's sense of humor.

On a serious note, PLEASE pray for Trey and the Staff and Board of Mercy Street who will, in the morning, give their final presentation to Crystal Charity for the $1,000,000 grant. We'll know tomorrow afternoon if they got it.

I'll let you know as soon as I do!


emily said...

Sucker- push-over-brother-o-mine:) Two new ones huh??

Praying this morning goes great! I'm guessing that the vomit has been contained or you would have mentioned it somewhere in there-- hope that is true.

Abbie said...

Oh my sweet Marcille.

You DID NOT get two more of those ugly little furry demons. You did. You are such a sucker. But I just love you for it! :)

Been trying to remember when the next grant meeting was, so thank you for the reminder and there will definitely be prayers today :)

Susanne said...

Seriously, I am pretty sure I have no deep seeded negative feelings towards you, but it would just make me laugh so hard to hear that Cinnamon is fat because she is preggers. Don't worry though, Liv told everyone in class they could have one. Maybe would could start a whole betting ring of hamster fighting...clearly you have the edge on training.