Friday, February 1, 2008

Round II!!

Mercy Street's presentation for the $1,000,000 grant was yesterday and they've made it through to the final round! Thank you for praying for the ministry and for Trey's head to not pop off of his body. You're prayers were answered and his head indeed remains attached. They will repeat the process next Thursday and then find out if they'll be awarded the grant that afternoon so keep praying. I'll keep you posted.
He did sit me down last night and say he was not responsible for ANYTHING he agreed to while planning for the aforementioned presentation, especially if it included a dinner and a girly movie instead of sitting on the couch watching the Super Bowl and making himself sick on Chips and Queso.


emily said...

So happy for Trey and Mercy Street, praying they get the grant!!

THESE 3 KINGS said...

so exciting!! will continue to pray!! Praise THE LORD my sister