Monday, February 18, 2008

Semester Projects

We've had a busy weekend preparing for the two class projects that are due tomorrow and Wednesday. Tee is responsible for building a working volcano and Olivia has composed a creative piece on the jaguar along with a jaguar replica made entirely out of fish sticks.

The jaguar is not made of fish sticks because I am not helping with the projects.
When Trey and I pronounced our wedding vows almost 13 short years ago, we promised to love one another through sickness and health, for better or worse and that, no matter how many children we had, he alone would be responsible for semester projects.
Since then, he and the children have done an earth project, a diarama of Charlotte's Web's barn, a snake, 2 shields, and a flower. Through it all, I have been relegated to the kitchen to prepare meals and fetch water for those tirelessly working on the aforementioned projects. That's what works for us, that's how we roll.
Is it because I'm a slacker mom and would not help cut toothpicks for the razor sharp jaguar teeth?
Maybe because I'm not creative and would, in fact, resort to fish sticks in a pinch? Or, is it because Trey really likes to work on these with the kids?

It actually may be a little of all of the above but most likely, the answer lies somewhere in the conversation that took place only moments ago...

"Babe, I've got to run out to get a couple more cans of tomato sauce for the volcano eruption. Do you think Hunt's is the thickest or should I stick with Heinz?"
"Tomato sauce lava?"
"Yeah. It's gonna be awesome."

Ok, Lord help me. Trey just got back from the store and remembered he has a Board Meeting tomorrow at 11:30. That's precisely eruption time. He said I'll have to help with it. What about our vows?!? What about our commitment?!? TOMATO SAUCE LAVA!!!! He's calling me now to show me how it works. I guess I've gotta step up and put on my plastic sheeting. That's what a Proverbs 31 woman would do, right?


Abbie said...

WHAAA?? NOOOOO!!! Don't do it Melissa!! Run for you life!!
TOMATO SAUCE?! What the crap? How about something nice and clean, like, water?? Best of luck my friend. God will understand if you 'suddenly' come down with some life threatening illness, moments before the presentation time.

S. said...

First of all, I hate that proverbs 31 woman! Kidding! She is certainly a lot to strive for.

Good luck with the lava, I can't wait to hear how it turns out!

Candy said...

This is great!! All the detailed explanations of the ash and "how it'll work" now left for you to execute. Plead for "grace to help in your time of need"-- only way I see it actually happening. Praying for you!!