Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We've been sick. It seems that my children will gladly share their fever virus with one another. Some, several times. With each child, it has gotten worse. Especially with oldest child, Trey. He's 39.
Ok, not really. Trey doesn't get sick. If he feels anything abnormal coming on, he just takes 20,000mg of Vitamin C and calls it a day. He won't take any cold medicine and will not, I repeat, will not, go see a
Last night he was doing the dishes after dinner and I told him to please stop and sit down and rest. Honestly, I did this because I am not the pillar of strength he is. When I get sick, I totally go into fetal position and cannot move out of bed until the storm has passed. I wanted to avoid inevitable guilt that I would feel, mainly due to my Catholic upbringing, the next time I got sick and could not muster the strength to feed myself, let alone do the dishes.
It looks like we're on the mend. You might be able to tell from this picture.

It's been a pretty boring three days home, sitting on the couch with my children nursing them back to health with chicken soup and Gatorade. I'm a traditionalist that way.
We did find a pretty fun game this morning. I'm not sure what to call it so maybe you could help me out. It involves my dog, a hamster, and a rollie ball thingy where the hamster can remain virtually unharmed while the dog bats her around.
You smell goooood.

I think I love you.

I'm just gonna roll you around the floor. Holler if you get dizzy.

(Edited to add...No hamsters were harmed in the photos for this post...Ok people, I did not let the dog bat the hamster around. I'm not heartless, I just took a little creative license with my photos. The pictures were taken just as I was saying "No, Scout!" and she would go lay on her bed. Sheesh.)

I wish we would have had one of these plastic balls when we were pet-sitting Rowdy, the baby bearded dragon, last year. My kids were playing with Rowdy upstairs and building for him the Bearded Dragon Dream House. They put him down on the train table to let him cross the threshold into paradise and, thanks to Scout, he did just that. Scout thought he was a fun little chew toy and grabbed him and ran. My kids were screaming like someone was being murdered, well, because someone was, so I jumped out of the shower to find Scout running around with a tail sticking out of his mouth. The sight of me yelling "DROP!!" dripping wet and naked must have scared the fire out of Scout because she spit Rowdy out faster than a chili pepper.
Poor wittle Rowdy.
He all dead.
We had a funeral in our backyard, complete with a prayer.
Six months later, my kids dug up Rowdy to "see what his bones looked like".


emily said...

No mention of shoe shopping? Did you go back? Happy to see Scout having fun while the kids are home sick:)

Candy said...

Don't think we'd best let Buddy play the game! The ball and hamster would be toast. By the way, he hadn't forgotten us and actually OBEYS!!!! Praise the Lord and give thanks for Gary, Reba, and Tawny!!

Abbie said...

GROSSSS!! I would NOT have yelled 'drop'. I would have yelled something more like 'swallow it fast so that I don't have to see it'.

How on earth did my nasty bug reach you all the way in Texas and Katie all the way in Colorado?? Sheesh...that must have been some POWERFUL runs on my end...*grin*

Samantha said...

I thought you were joking about the hamster in a ball. You don't think that's a bit cruel to the hamster?? He's probably scared to death.

MissHannah said...

How many kids knocked on your door despite the signage?

I can't wait until you are all feeling seems everyone in Dallas is getting sick.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey are you guys having a party for Graham?

Jen said...

My little sister has a ball thing for her hampster and I never understood it really. It's like giving the hampster freedom..but not really. Like "bubble boy" but for a hampster...

Misty said...

is it bad to let the dog play with the ball o'hamster? i'm sure the hamster could keep up. no? i mean lots of them run and run for hours on those wheels. i've seen them, and they can run pretty dang fast. i bet they could keep up in the ball. what's that? no, i have never had a hamster for a pet :O)

The Kelly Family said...

i hear ya sister! we have been knocked out with the FLU this week here at our house. I went outside yesterday and a little boy said "Your daddy said i could play on Friday." Does he think BK is my daddy??? hahahahaha

JB said...

I was going to write something in response to the another comment on here...but I am choosing not to...Great pics by the way!!! Glad you go that camera :)

Ellen said...

Is that the SPCA knocking on your door?? :) Love those hamster ball things. Do they make them for 3 year old boys?