Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Lucky number? My age? Number of pets living in my house?
Not exactly.
That would be the number of cavities my dentist found between three of my children last week.
I have no idea what the problem is. We brush twice a day with Hershey syrup and rinse with Kool-Aid.
I know it's not customary oral hygiene but at least no one (except my husband) can blame it on the incredibly weak enamel they must have inherited from their mother.
So, this fine, fine morning, I accompanied Tee and Graham to the dentist for some good old-fashioned drilling. They got little toys, happy juice, some laughie gas, and I think a Margarita, frozen, with salt. Oh, nevermind, that was me.
I kid.
While they were having their "sugar bites" filled on their baby teeth (a.k.a. teeth that will fall out within the next year), I went into the bathroom and flushed some money down the toilet just for fun because, you know, that's what I like to do.
Then, on the way home they looked so pitiful I got them each a strawberry milkshake for comfort.
Will I never learn?
Sadie goes in next week. She'll be sedated so the recovery should make for some comedy. Sadie on tranquilizers: I can't wait to write about that.
Olivia on the other hand had zero cavities. She got 30,000 cool points for that! Fo' shizzle.


~s said...

A certain someone told me that after the trip to the dentist when they found all the 'sugar bites', mama got them some candy. hmmm

emily said...

Poor babies. I wasn't going to say anything, but toothpaste is actually better for brushing teeth. Just something I learned along the way:)

Hey, don't beat yourself up. My man is a certified DDS and we have all kinds of cavities over here!!

JB said...

I am proud to say that i have NEVER had a cavity in my entire thanks to me...just got Dad's enamel (sp?)

The little sis, however, she got mom's...and mama's no good. She's had like 30,000 (since that number is cool now) since she was like 7. And mom brushed her teeth for her after the first few, and they STILL kept coming.

So see? Nature wins over nurture, nothing you can do here...but flush down that cash money green.

Misty said...

not to toot my horn like Jess....but i haven't had a cavity either? :O) thank you Lord, how that was managed don't know! last night i was reading your blogs out loud to my mom because i was laughing so hard she was curious...i was like you need to read her blogs too (she likes to check out Em's to see if they got the kiddos yet). ps to JEss....i love you and your horn tootin self hee hee!

myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

Found you through Battle Station. You are hilarious! I did a post on pediatric dentists awhile back. My son sold me out by telling her he had juice in his sippy.

I'll sure miss that kid.