Friday, March 7, 2008

A little lower on the Totum Pole

Ya'll remember Quincy, right? The kid who had me at "will you buy me a fish?", and who has ever since referred to himself as Quincy Hills. He adds an 's', I don't know why but it endears me to him even more.
Several months ago, we got some new neighbors. Mindy and Garrett, who work at Mercy Street, moved into the hood and stole Quincy from me. How, you ask? They went and gave Quincy his own room in their house! Now, let me be clear, it is a closet but still. They even said he could paint the thing any color he wanted as long as he kept his grades up. Who can compete with that? Definitely not a mother of four who is using every square inch of space in her house for heating pads, medicine, roller blades, baseball gloves, and apparently something that smells really bad.
I'm also a little picky about the color of paint on the walls. It's not nearly as appealing to a sixth grader when you say, "Sure Quince, you can paint it any color you want as long as it's neutral with yellow undertones."
Though I love Mindy and Garret, their move into the hood dropped me a little lower on the totem pole that is Quincy's heart. I am fine and truly, having them here is worth the price I've had to pay.
Today I am predicting another drop on the totem pole for ol' Mrs. Hills (sometimes I add the 's' too now just to feel one with Quincy). Quincy is about to get himself a new neighbor who also has some extra closet space.
Hannah is moving into the 'hood. She has worked with Mercy Street since it's inception and has poured her life out before the Lord to be a light for Him wherever He may desire. He has delighted in using her here in West Dallas to be a mother, sister, friend, tutor, advocate, counselor, nurse, coach, chef, and concession stand manager to hundreds of children. I know the last one doesn't sound like a high calling but if you could see the way the girl makes nachos, you'd totally be with me.
In spite of all her time in West Dallas, her time at my house, and her time on my blog, it was still her greatest desire to live out God's call on her life while living among the people He has given to her. She's packed up her great furniture and her Kevlar vest and is on her way. We couldn't have talked her out of it if we'd tried. Which we didn't.
We have prayed for this day for years and we are thrilled to have to privilege to now call her neighbor.
Ok, gotta run. I've got a crazy day but I think I'll whip up some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for Quincy.
I'm not going down without a fight.


emily said...

Love that Miss Hannah is moving to the hood. What a blessing for everyone!

Holli said...

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!I heart Quincy Hills -since your first post on him!
And I hope you know that I wasn't driving the van but if I was you wouldn't want audio.... to many bad words that you wouldn't need the urban dictionary to translate:)!

MissHannah said...

I'm so happy to be your neighbor.

I picked Quince up at school yesterday and he said, "We need to hurry to your house, I have to help you decorate." I think he was afraid that if I had any time alone with my house he wouldn't stand a chance at being able to decide where things might go.

He asked where his room was and I said, The Garage!!! He was thrilled. But as much as he wanted (and he REALLY wanted) I couldn't let him sleep out there, it beingf 20 degrees last night.

Love you Melissa...and by the way you are about as high as one can be on my totum pole.

Ellen said...

Love it! Your posts always make me laugh! Keep it up!

Nikki said...

Hi Melissa! Have you been getting my emails?? Please get back to me!


DidiLyn said...

Loved this post. Friends don't steal friend's people...or something like that. You FIGHT and fight hard. :-)