Saturday, March 1, 2008

Me or something else.

Apparently, Graham had a little scuffle at school yesterday. His buddy's mom, who is also Olivia's teacher, emailed me about the drama that unfolded on the playground. When Trey and I asked him about it, the explanation went something like this...
"Graham, did something happen between you and Luke on the playground today?"
"Yes, ma'am. Um. Either me or something else pushed Luke and then Luke hit it."
"You or something else?"
"Uh huh. I think it was something else that pushed him."
"So something pushed Luke and then did he hit the something else that pushed him?"
"Um. Yeah. might have been me that pushed him and not the something else, but I'm pretty sure it was the something else. Then, I think he hit me back and not the something else because I think I pushed him and not the something else..."

It is so easy for us to see how long it takes the little buddy to finally take responsibility for his actions in conversations like this one. I'm convicted that so very, very often, in my conversations with the Lord, it must be even easier for Him to see me doing the exact same thing.


emily said...

I'm going to side with Graham on this one, and say that I am pretty sure it was in fact the something else that did the pushing!

Candy said...

Did the "something else" by any chance have a bruise or identifiable mark confirming the altercation? One of my favorite responses from Graham's daddy when confronted as a child was "I'm not sure!" Oh, sure.
Love to all!

THESE 3 KINGS said...

oh yeaa, encouraging but convicting.. I myself must admit.. I play the "adam" a lot in my marriage...
"it wasn't me God, it was that ol man you gave me"

I hear ya girl

Ellen said...

Love it! What's with the ad on the side of your page??

Holli said...

I wish I could say the something else didn't do the laundry, clean or blog all night:)!