Saturday, March 15, 2008

Someone is obviously out to get me.

I've always wondered how much a car says about the personality of its driver. Obviously, a red sports cars speaks volumes about the driver, as does a fifteen passenger van (sorry Em). I've been wondering lately about the personality of the drivers of Volkswagen Beetles. I think they may hate me.

Wha??? But they're so cute! So colorful! So fun with the whole flower vase in the dash thing! Surely, the drivers must be cute, colorful, and fun too!

I think they may be a part of an evil cult that hates mothers of small children.

Your thinking I've lost my mind.
Did something happen in her long, unintentional break from blogville? Did she finally crack under pressure?
No, I assure you, it's deductive reasoning and I think I can convince you, too. Just read the conversation that took place in the car with my kids. I'm using the word 'conversation' lightly. Very lightly. You'll totally agree.


"Hey! I already got that one!"

"You didn't say convertible so it's mine!"


"That's the rules! I have 4, you have 3! NA NA NA NA NA!"


"What was that?"

"A slugbug sucker. I sucked up your slugbugs. Now, you don't have any and I have 7."

" can't...BAM BAM BAM... HA! That's a slugbug sucker breaker with a magnetic slugbug attachment so now I have all of mine back and yours. VOOOM. Now, I also have a forcefield so you can't take mine again. I win!"

"MMMMOOOOOMMMM! Tee broke my slugbug sucker and took aaalll my slugbugs and now he has a forcefield and won't give me mine baaaack. He needs a consequence!"

Mmm hmm. I thought so.


Candy said...

Well the blog-drought is over! Will that forcefield work in other areas of life, or just slug bugs?
Let me know! Could be "the key" you know.

Holli said...

Boy how the rules have changed! :) I have missed you while on blog sibatical!:)

The Kelly Family said...

oh! i am so glad you are back - i've missed you!!! i love laughing out loud at your posts (and my husband does too!!)

Wonderful World said...

Your blog never fails to brighten my day! Welcome Back!! Your kids are soooooo creative. That was very quick thinking and very effective! I love it!!

Laura said...

Yeah! You are back! I was in need of a good laugh!

Rachel said...

Yes. I am with you. I understand completely. My kids aren't there yet, but I see it looming on the horizon. :-)
Cute blog.

emily said...

Welcome back- so glad you remembered that you have a blog, and readers with expectations.

I will change the way people think about the 15 passenger van- serious.

Love the "conversation" that took place in the car, unfortunately I can't relate at all. My kids (your precious nieces and nephews) are perfect and only admonish, encourage and praise one another while we drive in the car. :)

Abbie said...

HAHHAHAHA Ohhh no really, will you adopt me into your family?? I will NEVER complain of being bored, I promise! And I will even eat your foot-stirred malt o meal! yum! :)

Holy cow, your kids kill me...TOO funny...hahha :)

Kim said...

I can so hear this conversation!