Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why I love 4

Today is Sadie's fourth birthday.
For weeks we've been asking her what she wanted for her birthday and the item was ever changing...
Hannah Montana Electric Guitar
popcorn machine
disco ball
lip gloss
blendy pens
Barbie phone
Barbie camera
Barbie laptop
to be in a rock band
to be in Hannah Montana's rock band

What we got her was the Disney Princess Cool-Bake Magic Oven.
She had never even seen the thing before but still she exclaimed, "Yes! It's just what I always wanted!!!"

UPDATE: The Disney Princess Cool-Bake Magic Oven is neither cool or magic but an expensive toy refrigerator that chills nasty "cake-like sludge". Sadie actually gagged. We will be returning it this morning. Good times.


Candy said...

Not to mention the lime green Crocs and lacing cards that she also "always wanted!" She is a delight!
Love you all!

Jen said...

Well the problem is after you catch/kill it, who is going to throw it out? :)

Oh and I loved the post about "me or something else". I will have to try that sometime... ha!

Abbie said...

Pretty sure I just absolutely love her. And could the color of her hair be any more beautiful!! What a lucky mommy you are!

Holli said...

Sadie you are too cute! I think since your parents got you a crap gift you should push for the whole rock band gig. You really do deserve it- !

Susanne said...

I can't wait until Olivia can blog. She tells the story much more dramatically!