Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The acorn does indeed fall close to the tree.

Remember when I made this brilliant move that only someone totally socially inept could make?

Let me let that sink in for a minute...

This morning Sadie was accompanying me to the doctor and was especially chatty. We got onto the elevator and another woman was already standing inside.
Now, to her credit, Sadie whispered. Her four year old whisper, however, is just exactly like her loud, clear, full voice maybe just a little more breathy.

"Mommy, look! That lady is here so the doctor can help her get her baby out of her big belly."

She wasn't even close to being pregnant. Not.even.close.

Now people, what in the world am I supposed to do with that? We had several more floors to go and I was way out of my league. It's a total lose-lose!

If I say with a furrowed brow, "Sadie, baby, you don't say things like that." She'll just ask 'why' and 'what did I say.' and I'll have some really uncomfortable 'splainin' to do in front of witnesses.

If I say, "Baby, not so loud." Then, I'm teaching her, and more importantly, it looks to a total stranger that I'm teaching her, it's ok to think it but just not to say it.

If I respond in an attempt to clarify, oh, I can't even begin to go there.

Instead, I chose to take the road cowards take. I pretended I could not hear my daughter (even though they probably heard her in Tokyo) and got off the elevator a floor early and took the stairs.

Yes, I did.


~s said...

Oh my word...I just love that girl! Never a dull moment.

Mrs. Troop said...

Oh My Heavens! What a humbling experience mothering is!
What did you tell her later?

Thanks for your kind comment over at Mrs. Troop!
Have a blessed week~

Abbie said...

AHHHHH!! I think for the next 4 years or so I will just duct tape my daughters mouth shut while we are in public in order to avoid such situations...HAHAHHAHAH

Jeff and Abby said...

So funny! I can totally relate- yep, happened to us too(a little different situation). I've been talking with Emily(we're adopting thru the same agency), and Holli(Isa.12:2) is one of my best friends. I just love the blog! Ok if I add you to my blog roll???

Candy said...

Remind me to tell you of a similar instance with Sadie's Aunt Kelley when she was about 4! Must be the Hill genes.
But, we all DO LOVE that little girl!!

Jen said...

hahahahaha...I would have done the exact same thing.

Oh and I am SO glad I would have made it into the Theta house ;)

Jen said...

hahahahaha...I would have done the exact same thing.

Oh and I am SO glad I would have made it into the Theta house ;)

emily said...

Oh, that is soooo the road I would have traveled. Total avoidance. Did she respond at all?

I love Sassy.

Holli said...

well at least you burned a couple calories....:) and good thing you didn't meet her when coming out of the stair well- that would happen to me!:)

Rachel said...

Ha Ha Ha. That is too funny. These things just happen, kids are just such little treasures aren't they.
My daughter has done these things before. You just have to suck it up and deal with it moment by moment. Sometimes I kneel down and whisper, sometimes we wait until later and other times... I just beg forgiveness with my eyes to the offended party.
Thanks for the grins.

pb&j in a bowl said...

The first thing I thought when reading this was, "Ignore her. That's what I'd do." And, you did. I think it was your only option.

The Kelly Family said...

this is so great.

fully operational battle station said...

So funny. I would have done the same thing! And I have. But my experience was in a grocery store and I pretended I was REALLY into the dried rosemary spices I was gazing upon.


myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

This is why people should never take their children in public. Never, ever, I say!

Crystal said...

HI!! I came over from Rebuild the City. I am laughing out loud, you are funny. I have had a similar experience with the same response from me. DId my child say something? "Find a happy place, find a happy place" was playing over and over again in my mind. God Bless you!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh, my. I just found you tonight because I love the name of your blog. My 4 year old is entering this embarrass the heck out of me stage too. The most recent mortifying incident was talking about a man at Costco - who wasn't a man. And let me know that she wasn't a man.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Ok, I found you thru Topblogs but then I see that you know the's a small blogosphere, after all!