Thursday, April 10, 2008


I know we are called to be sacrificial in our living, in our relationships, and in our service.
I definitely struggle with this call often but, lately, I've felt a little taken advantage of.

We love Fern but seriously.

"Come on Fern, get down."


Nothing. Nada. Zip.

We took her in off the street, fed her, pet her, bathed her, loved her, and this is the thanks we get? Is this what it means to live sacrificially, or have I simply become a doormat?
I'm a little afraid to know the answer.


These Three Kings said... are a throw him a bone! lol

This is tooo funny!!

Candy said...

Not a doormat, just a pushover dog lover!
Me too.

Jill Coen said...

Our ten pound shih tzu has taken over our bed. When I move her, she makes a sighing, snorting sound like, "didn't you see me sleeping here in MY bed!?"

I do love her though...I must, or she would be in our bed.

Enjoy your blog!!

emily said...

Leave Fern alone! She looks very happy on your bed. Dogs are born to sleep in their owners beds right? If not, I am the biggest doormat of all. :)

JB said...
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JB said...

Oops! My comment was:

Just ask Em what happens to their "the dogs are NOT allowed on the couches rule" when I house sit for them....those dogs LIVE on those couches. :) So I guess I'm pretty much a rug/doormat/launching pad for dogs to sleep on nice couches too :)

DidiLyn said...

I so live there, so you can't ask my opinion.

Abbie said...

So, last night in a catalog I saw a doormat that said 'Fo Shizzle! Welcome to our hizzle!'
Maybe you can be one of those doormats...that wouldn't be so bad, right?? :)