Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Today is Trey and my...um...uh...hold on...let me..2008-1995=13.
Today is Trey and my 13th wedding anniversary!
I really can't believe it's been so long and I really do love him more today than I did the day we said "I do".
He has challenged my convictions, strengthened my walk with the Lord, loved me when I was unlovable (which is a lot of the time), tolerated my, shall we call them, idiosyncrasies, encouraged me as a mother and friend, and given me the greatest children ever, most days.
I really am so thankful for the man he is and look forward to growing old together-as long as he doesn't get crotchety and make me clean the fish.


Abbie said...

OH! Happy Anniversary dear friend!

JB said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!

S. said...

Happy Anniversary!

emily said...

Happy Anniversary!! That was such a fun trip to Mexico- loved being a part of it and am thankful for you both!!

These Three Kings said...

HEY!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! PRAISE GOD FOR 13 years..wow!! have you ever heard of the group Toni TOny Tone( i know..weird) ..they have a song called "Anniversary" you should play it around your house..you'll love it!! lol

have a great day! or shall I say night...its only 12:32am

Holli said...

HAPPY Anniversary!!! (Late...)
Hope you had a great day and got to spend a bit of it together!:)

MissHannah said...

Is that your 10 pound bass?

Candy said...

Happy Belated Anniversary.... though I did call.
Bill and I praise the Lord for these 13 years and for the work of grace in and through you both. (Especially those four little munchers!!)
Press on... we're coming up on 44!!

The Kelly Family said...

happy anniversary! hope you have a FUN date planned!!

DidiLyn said...

Oh, happy anniversary! Lovely thoughts to you both.You reflect the Savior is a marvelous way.

fully operational battle station said...

Oh my gosh! Happy Anniversary! Being married for longer than 13 minutes is a feat anymore these days. 13 years is something to be quite proud of!