Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long time. No see.

I'm sitting here in my noisy kitchen having myself a little slice of blog funk with a side of overwhelmed.
My blog-block is certainly not from a shortage of material. I was telling my friend Hannah the other day that I literally could write about something every day but just haven't had the time.
For example,
Baseball season started and three of my little ones are playing. We love baseball in West Dallas and it brings out the community like nothing else.
It doesn't get much cuter than this...

Why the long face, Tee? Is it because you're on the same team as Olivia who takes baseball a little less seriously than you? Or, maybe it was the fact that she did pirouettes on the pitcher's mound.

We've also had to have a lesson in fashion: White baseball pants are somewhat see-through so Hello Kitty big girl's may not be the best choice.

...or this...
Cornpop hurt his knee and Steven was comforting him. Yes, Cornpop is his name.

...or this little cutie making sure his mom was watching.

...or this great-looking team. For sure a force to be reckoned with; especially the one on the far right with his cap pulled down so far his ears stick out.

...or this...Aaaack! What is that?!?

That would be Scout after she got loose and rolled in raw sewage.

Except for that little episode, we've had a great, albeit undocumented, week and I'll try my hardest to get back in the swing.


Bill said...

For all your loyal blog addicts, let me say THANK YOU!
One blog per week is not sufficient, but I sure understand the "no time to write". You are a living test to "My grace is sufficient for you!" Praying you're finding that true. Can't wait to see the kids in action.
Love to all!

These Three Kings said...

we miss you. but we understand..clearly we do
praying for you!

MissHannah said...

You snapped some amazing pictures. I can't wait to see the rest.

And personally I like the Hello Kittys it adds to her flair.

MissHannah said...

Can you send me the picture of Steven and Cornpop?

I love it, and would like to be reminded daily of his true character that I believe lies beneath his ghetto exterior.

JB said...

Your kiddos are so stinkin cute! Baseball equals busy. I have found this to be true with your sister anyways. :) When will you be in Arlington again??...

emily said...

I appreciate your efforts and the apology. I do expect more from you though, just keeping it real. :) need another helping of overwhelmed? Love you!

Love the pic of the kids, Tee looks very perturbed! Liv and Graham look delighted to be with big bro.

Birthdates, hmmm. Not sure why 1999 makes you nervous??

~s said...

hmmm...I was just thinking that a very cute little boy with glasses may have been contributing to the noisy kitchen situation!

Can't wait to see Liv play.

~s said...

hmmm...I was just thinking that a very cute little boy with glasses may have been contributing to the noisy kitchen situation!

Can't wait to see Liv play.

DidiLyn said...

I adore the picture of the three ball players. Doing pirouettes on the pitcher's mound?! Bah hah hah!
I do stalk, er, I mean, check out your blog and love to read when you have time to update. Thanks!

fully operational battle station said...

Talk about magazine cover t-ball team! Geez! They are all so cute!

And I'd like to point out that IIII was on the Oakland A's when I played T-ball.