Sunday, April 6, 2008


I had a friend named Ross King in college who is an amazing singer/songwriter. He wrote a song called "When the Fields were on Fire" about the burning of the wheat fields in Kansas. I loved it because it reminded me of Nebraska, where I was born and where I spent every summer with my grandparents. The older I got, the less I appreciated the simplicity of the small town that now holds so many memories for me. There are times, now, I'd give my right arm to raise a family in a town just like it. Homegrown strawberries, potatoes, and tomatoes. Fireflies. Honeysuckle, and the best snow anywhere. Even the smell of cattle brings back memories for me.
This weekend we went to my cousin's wedding in Nebraska. I drove with my four littlest ones and met my brother's family and dad and stepmother there.
I loved being with my family and especially love having my kids spend time with their great-grandparents who are still so spry.

The kids are at such great ages that traveling was a delight and relatively easy. I did hear "how much longer" one million times but I figured it was payback for all the times I asked the same thing.

I packed for the kids and kind of forgot to pack my own things so I had to borrow their Sparkle Fun toothpaste all weekend. I've decided they get the whole leaving the cap off of the toothpaste thing from their father. I also learned that, unfortunately, Spongebob is my kids' true north right now. Pretty much everything can be related back to a Spongebob episode. It's kind of a 7 degrees of separation thing.

They kept telling me it was the best vacation ever because the hotel had an indoor pool, cousins, and Super Target right next door. What more could a kid ask for? I love it that Omaha is now their favorite destination spot. Tee cried when we left and I was so touched that he loves everyone as much as I do.

The wedding was beautiful and baby pictures of my cousin brought tears to his daddy's eyes. While the bride and groom danced, Tee and Olivia counted how many times they kissed. "12 TIMES! Ewww!"

Here's a picture of the whole gang. My brother is next to me and is not captain of a cruise ship. You can read about him here. He wore his uniform and looked so handsome my kids couldn't help but wipe boogers on him. Oh the love.

My only regret is not stopping by Carlos O'Kelley's Mexican Restaurant on the way home. I think they serve green beer with every Especial.
Maybe next time.


MissHannah said...

Hey there is a resturant in Phoenix called Carlos O'Briens...they have the best Spinach Enchiladas and Fish and Chips. I wonder if they are related???

I'm glad you had a good time.

emily said...

You sound like Moody- driving near Lubbock, he rolls down the window, inhales the nice cattle aroma and smiles. I love having glass-half-full-kind-of-people in my life:)

Glad you had fun and the medication worked on the kids!

Candy said...

So glad you got to go "home". Love the picture and so thankful for the travel mercies. Juanita and Irv look great! They are amazing. Good genes, girlfriend.

JB said...

Dang bringing me back to fried shrimp and crawfish boils...all I need is the smell of something being deep fried...or the smell of a magnolia...good ole Orleans :) Glad you could go back and revisit the wonderful memories with your kiddos

DidiLyn said...

We had the family time/wedding thing going on this weekend, too. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Don't you remember those days when an indoor pool at a hotel with cousins was your idea of what Heaven must be like? Lol