Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sharing is Caring

For the past couple of holidays, Trey has given me a gift certificate to Nordstrom Spa. Doesn't he sound like the most incredibly thoughtful husband in the world?
He is, kind of.
He sometimes just needs a little help and I've learned over the years how to...well...give him the help he needs. Hence the term Helpmeet.
Since he rarely reads my blog, I'm going to let you in on a little somethin' somethin' I've discovered.
My friend, Jennifer Peterson (there's another one for Google, Jen) will ask me what I'd like for, say our anniversary. We'll discuss something both easy to obtain and within the budget and then later, she'll call or email Trey with something like this..."Hey, Trey, it's Jennifer. I know your anniversary is coming up and you probably have something totally in mind for Melissa (which, God love the man, he doesn't) but in case you don't, I think she'd love a gift certificate to Nordstrom's spa. It would be perfect and a fun surprise."
Our anniversary arrives and voila!, gift certificate from Nordstrom's spa.
Who knew!
He loves that he doesn't have to try and tap into my womanly brain and I love that he took the advice and, to his credit, had to plan a little ahead in order to purchase the thing instead of just sending me a Blue Mountain virtual card from his laptop the morning of said anniversary.
Sound manipulative? Maybe a tiny bit but we're so stinkin' busy right now I'd love it if one of his friends called me and gave me ideas about what to get him. His birthday is coming up and it makes me sweat thinking about giving him anything besides a Bass Pro Shop gift certificate.
Anywho, Saturday afternoon, with the help of Nanny and Hannah watching the kiddos, I took that overwhelmed, tired, stressed hunk of a man with me to Nordstrom's Spa and shared my gift certificates. We each got a massage (my very first ever) and had the best time. Oh my word it was great and I can see how they could become addicting. We had the whole afternoon together and it was so refreshing to relax and be still, even for just a little while.
Thank you Lord, for loving our marriage immeasurably more than we do and giving us the opportunity to reconnect...with an herbal foot soak to boot.


Kim said...

So, your DH's birthday is coming up, and I know you probably have something all picked out, but maybe he would enjoy a spa visit to Nordstrom's. He seemed to really enjoy it last time he went. Maybe he'd like another massage for his tired, aching, manly muscles.

: )

emily said...

What did I say? I told you that you would love it, just love it. And yes, I am sure that any fast-tracking, quick trip through the Ethiopian court system will be due in full to your letter. It was just so honest.

Candy said...

So grateful to have been of help so the weary bods could get the massages they so desperately needed and your souls had opportunity for some reconnect.

Abbie said...

That is so so neat to share that special time together!

These Three Kings said...

oh, wow.. so thankful for you!!
glad you were able to get some time together..that is always good
praying for you friend

ps.. Here is a link to some GREAT gift giving ideas for you and your man..maybe your friend can look over them and send them to your hub :)

Anonymous said...


Trey would really like Guitar Hero III and a new system to play it. However, he told me he does not want the kids to play it, so he wants to keep it at my house. I have spoken to Jennifer and he kids, and they are ok with keeping it here.